Tewksbury State Hospital Cemetery Records

Information obtained from original death records and Vital Records, of patients who died at Tewksbury Hospital, located in Tewksbury, MA.


My mission with this page was to create a database of people who were buried on the grounds of Tewksbury State Hospital. While the hospital possesses information on their patients, it is not available to the public. As I understand it, the list at the hospital only contains name, date of death and plot number, and is not public record, however look-ups can be done. It is my goal to make the lists on these pages valuable to genealogists.

I began to transcribe the data on the death records located at Tewksbury Town Hall. The records on file there begin in October 1903 and end in 1971. Records on this page prior to 1903 were transcribed from microfilmed vital records, or have been submitted to me by family members who have researched their own family. While these people were patients, and did die at the hospital, burials prior to 1891 are at this point in time, impossible to identify exactly where in the cemetery they were buried.

It is my hope that the two databases will provide enough information to identify these individuals for genealogists who may now be able to fill in some brick walls, and we can all rediscover so many thousands of "lost" citizens.


While the majority of this page focuses on those buried on the grounds, not everyone in the databases can be confirmed as having been interred here. There are approximately 30 years worth of burial records which have been lost or otherwise destroyed, records no one will ever be able to confirm. Please be sure to read the information at the top of each index to understand exactly what they contain.
This list is intended, when complete, to include everyone buried at the hospital. However, it will not be a complete list of all who died at the hospital; many were buried elsewhere.

My sincere thanks to the staff at Tewksbury Town Hall for allowing me access to these records, and for being a patient host to me for all the hours I have sat in your auditorium with my face in a book.




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