Deaths Reported to the State of Massachusetts by the Tewksbury Almshouse

The following records were transcribed from vital records reporting deaths at the hospital to the state. The vital records will only report patients who died at the hospital, and do not always record where the patients are buried. The content of the death records vary each year.

You may contact Mass Archives in Boston to obtain copies of all death records in this database.

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Date of Death Name Sex Condition Age Disease or Cause of Death Occupation Place of Birth Names of Parents Place of Birth of Parents Comments
2/11/1903 Underwood, Isaac  Male Married 41 y.  Phthisis Stonecutter VA Sam & Lucy VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
4/25/1867 Underwood, James  Male Single 23 y.  Phthisis   Ireland James & Mary Ireland  
3/3/1904 Underwood, Rose  Female Widow 81 y.  Phthisis Wash Woman Scotland James & Elizabeth Morton Unknown "Alias Morton, Buried Tewksbury"
7/27/1863 Union, George  Male   6 d. Infantile Debility   Unknown      
3/7/1899 Unwin, George  Male Widower 78 y.  Pneumonia Farmer England Robert & Sarah England Buried Tewksbury
7/7/1858 Uppingceller, Andrew  Male   60 y.  Bronze Disease   Germany     ? Last Name
12/6/1903 Upton, Annie  Female Widow 80 y.  Cancer of Oesophegus Wash Woman SC Henry & Polly? SC "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
7/18/1861 Upton, Fanny  Female   1 m. 14 d. Infant Debility   unknown      
12/16/1895 Urban, Louis  Male Married 42 y.  Melancholia Cigar Maker Austria Anthony & Frances Austria Buried Athol
8/12/1898 Urboin, John  Male Single 18 y.  Tuberculosis (knee) Operative Poland Unknown Unknown Buried Gloucester
12/27/1886 Usher, Bridget  Female Widow 43 y.  Bright's Disease Domestic Ireland Patrick & Bridget Shea Ireland  
7/31/1899 Usher, Samuel  Male Widower 73 y.  Senility & Cystitis Carpenter MA Daniel & Frelan England Buried Tewksbury
2/1/1886 Vail, Harrison  Male Married 55 y.  Cystitis Moulder MA John & Rebecca MA  
6/13/1887 Vail, Louis S Male Widower 56 y.  Heart Disease Bookbinder NY Jacob & Maria NY  
12/30/1903 Vaillancourt, Joseph  Male Single 33 y.  Mitral Stenosis & Insufficiency Laborer Canada Lawrence & Mary (Provoire) Vaillancourt Canada not listed
3/15/1864 Valentine, George B Male   1 m.  Infantile Debility   Unknown     Foundling
9/24/1859 Valentine, John  Male   3 m.  Infant Debility   Unknown      
8/1/1905 Valentine, Ruth M Female Single 6 m. 15 d. Acute Miliary Tuberculosis   Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
8/30/1871 Valentine, Thomas  Male Unknown 45 y.  Atrophy Laborer Unknown Unknown Unknown  
1/14/1905 Valin, Peter  Male Married 85 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Carpenter "Quebec, Canada" Charles & Mary (Robese?) Valin Canada Buried Tewksbury
6/28/1904 Valitis, Elizabeth  Female Married 20 y.  Phthisis Housework Poland John & Katarina (Kukoilis) Mianiczius Poland Buried Tewksbury
2/24/1901 Valley, Albert  Male Married 58 y.  Phthisis Shoemaker Canada Louis & Maggie Canada Buried Tewksbury
2/20/1902 Valley, Joseph  Male Widower 37 y.  Diabetes Mellitus Teamster Canada Fred & Lenora Canada Buried Tewksbury
7/6/1903 Valley, Leo  Male Single 22 y.  Phthisis Mill Hand Canada Frank & Mary Canada not listed
5/6/1894 Valoise, Joseph  Male Single 1 m. 14 d. Convulsions None "Tewksbury, MA" Alonso Leppart & Value Valois Canada Buried Tewksbury
4/5/1898 Van Buren, Eliza J Female Married 35 y.  Aucte Miliary Tuberculosis Housework NY John & Evaline Thompson VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
7/23/1882 Van Gogh, Evert A Male Unknown 62 y.  Cancer of the Larynx Painter Holland William & Eve Holland  
5/29/1868 Van Gumster, John  Male Married 87 y.  Senile Debility Merchant Holland Unknown Holland  
11/4/1901 Van Hise, Frank  Male Single 32 y.  Rheumatoid Arthritis Waiter NJ Frank & Johanna Unknown "Colored, Buried Dorchester"
11/19/1883 Van Hise, Lidia  Female   21 d. Umbilical Hernia   "Tewksbury, MA" Henry & Laura VA & NJ Colored
6/23/1868 Vance, George  Male Single 47 y.  Marasmus   "Charlestown, MA" Unknown Unknown  
7/21/1890 Vance, John  Male Widower 65 y.  Senile Dementia Confectioner MA William & Blank Unknown  
12/31/1858 Vance, William  Male   46 y.  Softening of Brain   Ireland      
4/8/1875 Vandvert, William C Male Single 3 y.  Scarlatina   NY Frank & Sophia Canada  
7/7/1905 Varello, Joseph  Male Married 28 y.  Phthisis Laborer Italy Franco & Theresa (Ducilla) Varello Italy Buried Tewksbury
1/15/1875 Varley, Patrick  Male   1 m.  Convulsions   "Tewksbury, MA" Mary Varley & Pat Donigan England & Unknown  
5/2/1861 Varnum, Sarah K Female   53 y.  Inanition   "Candia, N.H."      
3/23/1903 Varrell, Hector  Male Single 1 m. 21 d. Broncho-pneumonia   "Tewksbury, MA" Albert & Johanna Prince Edward Island & NY? Buried Tewksbury
4/5/1897 Vartahedian, Tartoras  Male Married 40 y.  Phthisis Mill Hand Armenia Muskosh & Anna Armenia Buried Lawrence
7/23/1884 Vassal, Theodore  Male Married 45 y.  Phthisis Laborer Canada Daniel & Margaret Canada  
7/13/1892 Vaughan, George  Male Single 1 m. 18 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Maria Vaughan & John Carey Ireland  
9/1/1871 Vaughn, Cash  Female Unknown 46 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
2/27/1904 Veazie, Edward  Male Widower 60 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Laborer Ireland James & Mary (Gilligham) Veazie Ireland Buried Tewksbury
6/21/1902 Vego, Guiseppe  Male Married 49 y.  Empyema Laborer Italy Micholas & Legari Italy Buried Malden
10/30/1894 Venetta, Joseph  Male Single 39 y.  Phthisis & Alcoholism Butcher Canada Louis & Annie Canada Buried Tewksbury
4/3/1880 Venning, Thomas  Male Widower 68 y.  Dementia Hostler England William & Elizabeth England  
9/27/1904 Ventre, Nicholas  Male Widower 63 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Shoemaker Italy Frank & Unknown Italy Buried Tewksbury
11/18/1905 Ventura, Salvatore  Male Married 53 y.  Arthritis Deformans Laborer Italy Alexander & Madaline (Cutillo) Ventura Italy Buried Cambridge
9/25/1888 Vera Cruz, Manuel  Male Married 38 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Spain Manuel & Blank Spain  
11/21/1861 Verdeu, Mary A Female   50 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
3/4/1905 Vergos, Christos  Male Single 19 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Mill Hand Greece Unknown Greece Buried Tewksbury
12/17/1889 Vernier, Charles  Male Single 27 y.  Phthisis Cook France Gabriel & Blank France  
3/22/1864 Vernon, Francis  Male 1 y. 2 m.  Marasmus   Unknown     Foundling
2/14/1864 Vernon, John  Male   21 d. Infantile Debility   "Boston, MA"      
4/5/1863 Vernon, Mary A Female   3 m.  Infantile Debility   Unknown      
1/1/1896 Verosik, John  Male Single 40 y.  Phthisis Farmer Russia Jack & Valrick Russia Buried Tewksbury
11/28/1904 Verzbiski, Joseph  Male Single 26 y.  Mitral Stenosis & Insufficiency Shoemaker Poland Salnert & Mary Poland Buried Tewksbury
1/4/1899 Vickey, Daniel  Male Married 42 y.  Cancer of Stomach Quarryman Finland John & Agusta Unknown Buried Tewksbury
3/6/1899 Victor, Beugt J Male Single 24 y.  Phthisis Sailor Sweden Olaf & Augustina Sweden Buried Tewksbury
6/2/1881 Victoria, Emily  Female Widow 20 y.  Puerperal Fever   Portugal Unknown Unknown  
7/24/1881 Victoria, Frank  Male Single 2 m.  Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Antoine & Emily US & Western Islands  
4/30/1894 Vinal, Catherine  Female Married 84 y.  Senility Housewife MA Charles Fogg & Anna Small ME Buried Lowell
1/4/1887 Vincent, Levi  Male Widower 37 y.  Phthisis Laborer Canada Dennis & Margaret Canada  
6/27/1865 Vining, Gertrude E Female Single 19 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea   "Cambridge, MA"      
5/15/1902 Vinton, Emily S Female Widow 74 y.  Acute Enteritis Housewife CT Festus & Elmira CT Buried Tewksbury
8/28/1904 Virbitski, Felix  Male Single 31 y.  Cancer of Liver Laborer Russia Unknown Russia Buried Tewksbury
12/23/1905 Vitale, Louis  Male Single 27 y.  Phthisis Barber Italy Angello & Sista? Vitale Italy Buried Cambridge
12/4/1883 Voger, Peter  Male Single 32 y.  Enlarged Spleen Chain Maker Germany Francis & Christiana Germany  
5/5/1904 Volenski, Joseph  Male Single 20 y.  Tuberculous Meningitis Laborer Poland Unknown Poland Buried Tewksbury
2/20/1889 Voloffs, John  Male Single 9 d. Asphyxia   "Tewksbury, MA" Mary Voloffs & Blank * Russia  
3/31/1882 Von Rhodea, Elizabeth  Female Married 30 y.  Strangulated Inguinal Hernia Domestic Germany Unknown Unknown  
5/15/1898 Voris, Henry  Male Single 42 y.  Phthisis Teamster NY William & Sarah NY Buried Tewksbury
6/10/1878 Wade, Joseph  Male   76 y.  Bright's Disease Rope Maker Ireland Joseph & Rose Ireland  
11/28/1858 Wade, Margaret  Female   30 y.  Anameia   Nova Scotia      
5/31/1891 Wade, Michael  Male Single 20 y.  Phthisis Teamster Ireland Patrick & Sarah (Doran) Ireland  
12/20/1898 Wade, Regina  Female Single 4 m.  Congenital Syphilis   MA Unknown & Sarah MA Buried Tewksbury
8/8/1875 Wadsworth, Ebenezer  Male Single 62 y.  Diarrhoea Farmer "Sutton, MA" James & Chloe Unknown  
6/3/1874 Wager, Frank  Male Unknown 50 y.  Syphilis Unknown Western Islands Unknown Unknown  
4/15/1876 Wagner, Harry  Male Single 2 m.  Inanition   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
10/10/1892 Wagner, Philip  Male Single 29 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Philip & Ann Ireland  
3/28/1887 Wagner, William  Male Widower 62 y.  Paralysis Weaver Germany Charles & Johanna Germany  
5/30/1904 Wahler, John  Male Married 73 y.  Facial Erysipelas Peddler Germany Henry & Unknown Germany Buried Boston
11/10/1899 Wahlstedt, John  Male Single 29 y.  Phthisis Cook Sweden John & Catherine Sweden "Alias Charles, Buried Tewksbury"
2/25/1870 Waite, Susan Amanda  Female Single 50 y.  Phthisis Domestic Servt. RI Anthony & Frances Waite NY Colored
10/20/1898 Wakefield, Aaron T Male Widower 60 y.  Phthisis Moulder ME Cyrus & Malila ME Buried Lynn
4/2/1866 Wakefield, Horace P. Male   3 m.  Infantile Debility Unknown        
8/12/1863 Walby, Mary A.  Female   14 y.  Chorea   Ireland      
9/21/1864 Walcott, John  Male   6 m.  Infantile Debility   Unknown     Foundling
6/2/1879 Waldron, Caroline  Female Single 1 m.  Cerebral Congestion   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
2/21/1902 Walen, Catherine  Female Widow 48 y.  Hemiplegia Housework Ireland Matthew & Bessie Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/2/1904 Walker, Benjamin  Male Widower 26 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Miner SC David & Martha SC "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
5/18/1879 Walker, Bessie  Female Single 2 m. 7 d. Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
4/17/1858 Walker, Catharine  Female   57 y.  Debility   Ireland      
3/22/1872 Walker, Charles J Male   2 y. 4 m.  Atrophy   "Lowell, MA" Edward & Elizabeth Ireland  
12/12/1904 Walker, Edward M Male Married 27 y.  Chronic Diffuse Nephritis Engineer MS William & Mary (Belbro) Walker AL & SC Buried Braintree
10/7/1860 Walker, Elizabeth  Female   5 m.  Infant Debility   Almshouse      
7/12/1860 Walker, Ellen  Female   25 y.  Peritonitis   Scotland      
9/17/1901 Walker, Frances  Female Single 75 y.  Acute Enteritis Tailoress "Boston, MA" Ezekial & Elizabeth "Boston, MA" Buried Tewksbury
8/21/1905 Walker, Frederick  Male Single 8 m. 28 d. Acute Enteritis   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Etta Walker CT Buried Tewksbury
3/21/1902 Walker, George W Male Married 71 y.  Senility Moulder MA Unknown Nova Scotia Buried Tewksbury
3/6/1871 Walker, Hannah  Female Widow 27 y.  Phthisis Domestic "St. John, NB" Cornelius & Ellen Manley Ireland  
6/25/1897 Walker, James  Male Widower 52 y.  Cardiac Failure Mule Spinner England John & Ellen England Buried Tewksbury
10/6/1874 Walker, John  Male   1 m.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
9/4/1888 Walker, John  Male Married 55 y.  Bright's Disease Woolsorter NY James & Sarah McNeal Scotland & Ireland  
2/13/1855 Walker, Joseph  Boy Colored 13 y.  Consumption          
5/21/1897 Walker, Lina  Female Single 50 y.  Cancer of Uterus Domestic VA Andrew & Martha VA "Colored, Buried Everett"
7/17/1859 Walker, Margaret  Female   30 y.  Rheumatic Carditis   Ireland      
3/26/1875 Walker, Nathan  Male Unknown 63 y.  Debility Laborer ME Nathan & Abigail ME  
2/13/1905 Walker, Russell W Male Married 42 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Cook VA Benjamin & Edith (Fuller) Walker VA & England "Colored, Buried Boston"
11/25/1874 Walker, Sarah  Female Single 74 y.  Debility Domestic "Boston, MA" John & Unknown Unknown  
6/26/1866 Walker, Susan  Female Widow 74 y.  Senile Debility England        
3/21/1856 Walker, William J Male   12 y.  Congestion of Brain   New Brunswick      
8/16/1858 Walker, William  Male   5 m.  Marasmus   Boston      
5/22/1891 Wall, Augusta  Female Single 9 m.  Tuberculosis   "Tewksbury, MA" Ed ? & Mary Wall Ireland  
3/27/1875 Wall, Catherine  Female Single 35 y.  Inanition Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/26/1892 Wall, Edward  Male Single 26 y.  Phthisis Laborer MA Garrett & Mary Ireland  
10/27/1902 Wall, John H Male Single 41 y.  Acute Enteritis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
10/24/1862 Wall, John  Male   55 y.  Phthisis          
6/14/1891 Wall, Margaret  Female Single 23 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Patrick & Mary Ireland  
9/12/1904 Wall, Mary  Female Single 79 y.  Myocarditis Housework Ireland Nicholas & Mary (Grant) Wall Ireland Buried Tewksbury
11/8/1883 Wall, Henry  Male Married 30 y.  Diarrhoea White Washer Ireland Arthur & Jane Ireland  
3/17/1865 Wall, Margaret  Female Single 30 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
4/29/1866 Wallace, Bridget  Female Widow 45 y.  Carditis Ireland        
8/25/1900 Wallace, Eliza  Female Married 70 y.  Chronic Enteritis none Ireland John & Jane Ireland Buried Lowell
7/11/1892 Wallace, George  Male Single 30 y.  Phthisis Sailor NC Melvin & Mary NC & VA Colored
5/30/1855 Wallace, Henry  Man   56 y.  Hemorrhage          
3/23/1905 Wallace, John  Male Married 36 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Laborer Ireland Matthew & Bridget (Donahue) Wallace Ireland Buried Roxbury
1/15/1868 Wallace, Martha  Female Widow 52 y.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown Colored
11/23/1886 Wallace, Mary  Female Unknown 65 y.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/1/1883 Wallace, Mary  Female   65 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
11/9/1863 Wallace, Michael  Male Widower 70 y.  Old Age   Ireland      
4/14/1869 Wallace, Sarah  Female Married 38 y.  Typhoid Fever   NH Henry & Mary George NH  
8/7/1869 Wallace, Sarah  Female Single 49 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
6/23/1854 Wallace, William  Male   40 y.  Consumption   South Carolina      
8/19/1892 Wallace, William  Male Single 39 y.  Bronchitis Laborer Scotland Joseph & Mary Scotland  
12/24/1878 Wallis, David  Male Unknown 66 y.  Senile Dementia   "Gloucester, MA" Unknown Unknown  
10/27/1888 Walls, Charles  Male Single 30 y.  Pulmonary Haemorrhage Barber New Brunswick Samuel & Catherine New Brunswick Colored
1/4/1899 Walsh, Anthony  Male Single 8 d. Hydrocephalus   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Mary A. Unknown Buried Tewksbury
5/24/1875 Walsh, Catherine  Female Widow 53 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
5/22/1899 Walsh, Clara W Female Single 28 d. Pemphigue   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Selina Sweden Buried Tewksbury
4/6/1904 Walsh, Fred  Male Single 1 y.  Phthisis   MA Fred and Mabel (Howard) Walsh MA Buried Tewksbury
9/24/1903 Walsh, George  Male Single 18 y.  Aortic Insufficiency Book Binder "Salem, MA" Thomas & Ella MA not listed
4/20/1891 Walsh, Henry  Male Widower 57 y.  Heart Disease Engineer England Henry & Vanna England  
12/29/1866 Walsh, James  Male Single 22 y.  Disease of Spine Ireland        
9/4/1899 Walsh, James  Male Widower 59 y.  Phthisis Currier Ireland Patrick & Jane Ireland Buried Woburn
12/14/1904 Walsh, John  Male Single 78 y.  Lobar Pneumonia None Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
3/8/1878 Walsh, John  Male Single 21 d. Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
9/18/1883 Walsh, John  Male Single 25 y.  Typhoid Fever Machinist "St. John, NB" John & Mary New Brunswick & Ireland  
12/16/1900 Walsh, Joseph S Male Single 30 y.  Phthisis Painter Ireland Stephen & Mary Ireland Buried Boston
1/12/1900 Walsh, Morris J Male Single 23 y.  Phthisis Messenger "Boston, MA" Morris & Margaret Ireland Buried Malden
3/6/1875 Walsh, Patrick  Male Married 35 y.  Epilepsy Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
6/11/1905 Walsh, Richard  Male Widower 30 y.  Phthisis Printer Ireland Richard & Alice Ireland Buried Malden
6/8/1902 Walsh, Samuel  Male Widower 53 y.  Chronic Cystitis Salesman Canada Samuel & Maria England & Ireland Buried Hyde Park
3/6/1881 Walter, John  Male Single 3 m.  Epilepsy   "Tewksbury, MA" Albert & Annie Sweden  
10/19/1869 Walters, William  Male Married 90 y.  Old Age   PA Unknown Unknown  
1/29/1895 Walton, Anna  Female Married 30 y.  Phthisis Domestic "Washington, DC" Edward & Lucy Johnson VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
3/6/1887 Walton, Etta  Female Single 21 y.  Phthisis Domestic ME David & Ellen ME  
3/21/1855 Walton, John  Boy   3 m.  Congenital Syphilis         ? Age
3/14/1865 Wamesit, Henry  Male   1 m. 14 d. Infantile   "Lowell, MA"      
8/17/1903 Ward, Alice  Female Single 31 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown "Buried Woonsocket, RI"
1/23/1900 Ward, Andrew  Male Single 32 y.  Phthisis Laborer VA John & Matilda NY & VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
1/13/1858 Ward, Bridget  Female   26 y.  Puerperal Fever   Ireland      
1/16/1858 Ward, Bridget  Female   13 d. Infant Debility   Almshouse     Child of the above
4/12/1870 Ward, Bridget  Female Married 75 y.  Debility Unknown Ireland Unknown Unknown  
3/25/1902 Ward, Daniel F Male Single 50 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Painter MA Foster & Fidelia Unknown Buried Tewksbury
10/25/1862 Ward, Elizabeth  Female   3 y.  Marasmus          
12/23/1901 Ward, Frank J Male Single 2 m. 7 d. Hereditary Syphilis   MA Henry & Emma Wash. & MA Buried Tewksbury
8/11/1882 Ward, Fred  Male Single 23 d. Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Nellie Ward & George Haskell NY  
8/19/1876 Ward, Henry  Male Single 1 m. 7 d. Cholera Infantum   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
5/21/1901 Ward, James  Male Married 35 y.  Phthisis Tinsmith Ireland Mark & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/4/1899 Ward, James B Male Widower 42 y.  Spinal Paralysis Brakeman New Brunswick Henry & Rachel England "Buried Westfield, Kings Co., NB"
4/21/1901 Ward, John  Male Single 46 y.  Phthisis Coal Heaver Ireland John & Ellen Ireland Buried Malden
1/3/1899 Ward, John  Male Widower 48 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Shoemaker MA John & Ellen Ireland Buried Tewksbury
2/9/1871 Ward, John  Male Single 38 y.  Phthisis Laborer "Burlington, VT" Unknown Unknown  
10/21/1882 Ward, Josephine  Female Married 38 y.  Phthisis Domestic VT Benjamin & Louise Unknown Colored
4/19/1899 Ward, Letitia  Female Married 64 y.  Cerebral Haemorrhage Housewife VA Unknown Unknown "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
10/4/1899 Ward, Margaret  Female Widow 59 y.  Phthisis Housework Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Quincy
2/20/1866 Ward, Maria D Female   6 m.  Laringitis "Tewksbury, MA"        
7/22/1892 Ward, Michael  Male Widower 66 y.  Carcinoma of Stomach Boiler Maker Ireland Patrick & Catherine Ireland  
7/22/1882 Ward, Nellie  Female Single 18 y.  Dysentery   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/20/1880 Ward, Patrick  Male Widower 53 y.  Phthisis Seaman Ireland Unknown Ireland  
2/18/1899 Ward, Theresa  Female Married 49 y.  Phthisis Domestic Scotland William & Ellen England & Ireland Buried Tewksbury
11/1/1901 Ward, Thomas  Male Single 31 y.  Typhoid Fever Laborer MA Thomas & Alice Ireland "Buried Woonsocket, RI"
2/6/1902 Ward, Thomas J Male Widower 72 y.  Senility Blacksmith Ireland Patrick & Alice Ireland Buried Boston
7/28/1885 Ward, William  Male Single 30 y.  Endocarditis Painter "Washington, D. C." Thomas & Ann Ireland  
12/25/1862 Ward Jr., Ellen  Female   1 y. 6 m.  Hydrocephalus          
7/9/1875 Warden, Freddie  Male   2 y.  Scrofula   "Boston, MA" David & Emma West Indies  
7/16/1866 Wardman, George  Male   1 m. 14 d. Infantile Debility "Tewksbury, MA"        
10/27/1901 Wardrobe, Sarah J Female Married 73 y.  Senility Housewife "Hanover, MA" Unknown Unknown Buried Hanover
3/18/1870 Ware, Anna  Female Single 24 y.  Phthisis Domestic Servt. Ireland John & Catherine Ireland  
3/28/1863 Ware, Sarah  Female Widow 48 y.  Typhoid Pneumonia   "Boston, MA"      
9/29/1860 Ware, William  Male   62 y.  Erysipelas Laborer England      
3/17/1855 Warington, Michael  Boy   3 m.  Infantile Debility          
2/22/1855 Warner, Elizabeth  Woman   28 y.  Consumption          
10/18/1875 Warner, Keziah  Female Married 45 y.  Phthisis Housewife England Unknown Unknown  
8/20/1893 Warrell, Mary  Female Widow 68 y.  Dysentery None Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
10/20/1884 Warren, Alice  Female Single 1 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Mary & William Unknown  
10/27/1899 Warren, Edward U Male Married 47 y.  Phthisis Meat Cutter VT Nathan & Catherine VT Buried Boston
7/22/1856 Warren, Frank C Male   9 m.  Infantile Debility   Tewksbury      
4/6/1874 Warren, Ida  Female   Unknown y.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
10/20/1883 Warren, John  Male Widower 78 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland John & Mary Ireland  
12/30/1874 Warren, John  Male Single 17 y.  Phthisis Operative Ireland David & Ellen Ireland  
7/25/1881 Warren, Kellie J Female Single 1 m. 14 d. Syphilis   "Boston, MA" George & Nellie "Boston, MA & Greenfield, MA"  
6/7/1872 Warren, Margaret  Female Widow 68 y.  Diarrhoea Housekeeper Ireland Unknown Ireland  
9/11/1904 Warren, Martin  Male Widower 54 y.  Locomotor Ataxia Plasterer Ireland Daniel & Catherine (Devine) Warren Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/5/1883 Washburn, Albert  Male Single 50 y.  Apopheria Waiter "Taunton, MA" Albert & Mary "Taunton, MA"  
3/23/1874 Washburn, Julia  Female   8 m.  Pneumonia   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
5/11/1880 Washington, Charles  Male Single 37 y.  Heart Clot Farmer GA Charles & Maria GA Colored
8/4/1874 Washington, Elias S Male Single 25 y.  Phthisis Machinist VA George & Catherine VA Colored
8/27/1902 Washington, Horace  Male Married 59 y.  Hemiplegia Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
12/30/1896 Washington, Mary J Female Married 67 y.  Debility Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
12/28/1877 Washington, Salome  Female Single 1 m. 7 d. Chronic Enteritis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
4/23/1896 Washington, Sarah  Female Single 23 y.  Psoas Abscess Domestic SC Daniel & Matilda SC "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
5/7/1887 Washington, Thomas  Male Single 4 m.  Bronchitis   "Tewksbury, MA" Margaret Washington & Unknown Nova Scotia Colored
10/9/1895 Waters, Frank  Male Married 61 y.  Cancer of Liver Upholsterer "Providence, RI" James & Martha NH "Alias Walker, Buried Tewksbury"
2/27/1860 Waters, Granville B Male   Pnuemonia   Almshouse      
8/3/1856 Waters, John  Male   1 y. 3 m.  Erysipelas   Boston      
9/11/1876 Waters, John  Male Single 36 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
4/7/1899 Waters, Mary  Female Widow 51 y.  Tuberculosis none Ireland John & Ann Ireland Buried Tewksbury
8/23/1870 Waters, Stephen  Male Married 38 y.  Epilepsy Tailor Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/23/1895 Waterworth, James  Male Married 37 y.  "Cardiac, Valvular " Loom Fixer England Nathan & Jane England Buried Lowell
8/13/1904 Watkins, James R Male Single 34 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Plumber So. America Unknown Unknown "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
2/7/1855 Watson, Catharine  Girl   6 m.  Infantile Debility          
2/3/1901 Watson, Christina  Female Single 70 y.  Hemiplegia Housework "Milbury, MA" Alexander & Emma "Milbury, MA" Buried Tewksbury
10/23/1872 Watson, Elizabeth  Female Married 38 y.  Phthisis Domestic "Fryeburg, ME" David & Deborah Unknown  
4/14/1896 Watson, Frank G Male Single 30 y.  Phthisis Shoemaker "Lynn, MA" George & Mary Ireland & CT Buried Tewksbury
12/9/1901 Watson, Hiram W Male Widower 48 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Laborer MA Jerry & Unknown Spain "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
5/27/1865 Watson, John  Male   2 m.  Infantile   Unknown      
4/18/1902 Watson, Mabel  Female Single 20 y.  Abscess of Brain Housework RI Thomas & Betsy RI "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
6/2/1897 Watson, Margaret  Female Single 55 y.  Phthisis Sewing Ireland John & Mary Ireland Buried Malden
1/9/1878 Watson, Orcedelia  Female Single 21 d. Inanition   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
12/26/1903 Watson, Thomas  Male Single 35 y.  Cirrhosis of Liver Laborer Ireland William & Rebecca (Clifford) Watson Ireland not listed
12/9/1874 Watson, William  Male   3 d. Debility   "Tewksbury, MA" Clara & William "Lowell, MA & Ohio"  
3/18/1872 Watson, William  Male Unknown 18 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer "Fall River, MA" Mary & Unknown Unknown  
10/25/1901 Watt, John W Male Married 67 y.  Cancer of Tongue Printer India John & Mary Scotland Buried Tewksbury
5/13/1889 Watt, Thomas  Male Widower 63 y.  Syphilis Weaver Scotland Alex & Robina Scotland  
4/9/1902 Wattez, Aaron N Male Unknown 59 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Engineer Holland David & Elizabeth Holland Buried Tewksbury
3/2/1871 Watts, Francis J Male   6 m.  Cholera Infantum   "Boston, MA" Anna Watts & Frenchy Johnson VA Colored
12/18/1867 Watts, John  Male Single 2 y.  Atrophy   "Charlestown, MA" William & Eliza Ireland  
9/15/1869 Watts, Walter  Male Single 20 y.  Debility   England William & Ellen England  
4/11/1856 Watts, William  Male   3 y. 6 m.  Marasmus   Ireland      
12/22/1867 Weatherstone, Edward  Male Married 73 y.  Diarrhoea   England Unknown England  
2/18/1872 Weaver, Elmer  Male Single 70 y.  Debility Laborer CT Remington & Sarah CT  
10/27/1903 Webb, John G Male Married 82 y.  Aortic Aneurism Ship Carpenter Nova Scotia Seth & Margaret Nova Scotia Buried Dover
10/22/1900 Webber, Andrew  Male Single 27 y.  Phthisis Tailor Russia Jacob & Josef. Russia Buried Tewksbury
2/23/1876 Webber, Oliver  Female   1 m. 19 d. Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
7/13/1874 Webster, Charles  Male   1 m. 14 d. Syphilis   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
3/13/1868 Webster, Eliza  Female Widow 32 y.  Carbuncle   "Boston, MA" Unknown NH  
7/12/1882 Webster, Horatio  Male Unknown 81 y.  Old Age Seaman RI Unknown Unknown  
6/23/1877 Webster, John  Male Single 1 m. 21 d. Croupous Pneumonia   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/19/1901 Webster, Orville E Male Single 40 y.  Phthisis Lineman Quebec Runaldo & Sarah NH & Quebec Buried Tewksbury
3/3/1900 Webster, Solon S Male Single 74 y.  Acute Croupous Pneumonia Machinist NH Carpenter & Hannah NH Buried Everett
8/28/1870 Webster, William  Male Married 74 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer England Joseph & Eunice England  
3/3/1905 Weddick, Ellen  Female Single 56 y.  Cancer of Jaw Cook Ireland Gregory & Catherine (Staples) Weddick Ireland Buried Tewksbury
2/15/1896 Weeks, George H Male Unknown 41 y.  Phthisis & Cardiac Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
1/27/1874 Weeks, Warren W Male Single 35 y.  Debility Laborer NY      
7/20/1882 Weeman, Henry  Male Single 36 y.  Chronic Nephritis Machinist "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
10/10/1896 Weeman, Rosa  Female Single 1 y. 10 m.  Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Charles Hatfield & Leonora Weeman "Salem, MA" Buried Tewksbury
1/13/1903 Weidman, Jacob  Male Married 46 y.  Carcinoma Oesophagus Barber Switzerland Gottlieb & Anna Switzerland Buried Tewksbury
8/9/1896 Weintraub, Annie  Female Single 20 y.  Phthisis Dressmaking Germany Jacob Weintraub & Sophie Russia Buried Malden
2/3/1874 Weir, Amelia  Female Widow 28 y.  Phthisis Seamstress Nova Scotia Unknown Nova Scotia  
2/3/1883 Weir, Thomas  Male Married 68 y.  Hemiplegia Farmer England William & Mary MA  
7/10/1904 Weisman, Ida  Female Single 27 y.  Phthisis None Russia Unknown Russia Buried Woburn
10/18/1874 Weitser, Sophia  Female Widow 62 y.  Debility Housekeeper Prussia Frederick & Sophia Prussia  
5/8/1898 Weitzstein, Ernest  Male Widower 67 y.  Injury to Spine Soap Maker Germany Fred & Louisa Germany Buried Tewksbury
3/31/1889 Welch, Annie  Female Single 32 y.  Phthisis Domestic Prince Edward Island Michael & Catherine Ireland  
4/23/1900 Welch, Bessie E Female Single 1 d. Premature Birth   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Ellen Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/24/1873 Welch, Bridget  Female Married 40 y.  Ovarian Disease Housekeeper Ireland Unknown Ireland  
2/9/1855 Welch, Catharine  Girl   5 m. 2 d. Influenza          
7/2/1854 Welch, Catherine  Female   7 y.  Cholera          
5/6/1864 Welch, Charlotte J Female   2 m.  Cong. Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA"      
2/11/1899 Welch, Coleman  Male Widower 78 y.  Cardiac Laborer Ireland John & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/5/1896 Welch, Cornelius J Male Single 42 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland James & Margaret Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/7/1863 Welch, Delia  Female   1 y.  Marasmus   Unknown      
4/23/1866 Welch, Edward  Male   1 m.  Infantile Debility "Tewksbury, MA"        
5/10/1893 Welch, Edward  Male Married 50 y.  Epilepsy Lineman Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Malden
7/24/1880 Welch, Edward  Male Single 64 y.  Heart Disease Farmer Ireland Francis & Catherine Ireland  
11/20/1868 Welch, Ellen  Female Widow 40 y.  Alcoholism   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
5/20/1875 Welch, Ellen  Female Unknown 31 y.  Epilepsy Domestic "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
2/12/1884 Welch, Frank  Male Single 38 y.  Phthisis Weaver England John & Barbara England  
2/14/1860 Welch, Hannah  Female   1 m.  Cong. Syphilis   Almshouse      
8/1/1903 Welch, James  Male Widower 68 y.  Acute Enteritis Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Lowell
1/19/1896 Welch, James  Male Married 43 y.  Pneumonia Steam Fitter "Boston, MA" Michael & Ellen Ireland Buried Malden
12/30/1889 Welch, James A Male Single 36 y.  Phthisis Teamster MA Matthew & Margaret Ireland  
2/9/1861 Welch, James  Male   1 y. 2 m.  Marasmus   Tewksbury      
5/16/1879 Welch, James  Male Single 33 y.  Phthisis Fisherman Newfoundland William & Margaret Ireland  
10/14/1879 Welch, Jennie  Female Single 2 m.  Moribund   "Boston, MA" Henry & Sarah "Cambridge, MA & England"  
12/20/1901 Welch, John  Male Widower 71 y.  Senility Farmer Ireland John & Kate Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/12/1903 Welch, John  Male Widower 45 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Martin & Ellen Ireland not listed
12/12/1855 Welch, John  Boy   2 y.  Croup          
12/2/1894 Welch, John H Male Single 1 m. 21 d. Whooping Cough None "Tewksbury, MA" John Harkins & Maggie Welch Ireland Buried Tewksbury
12/2/1899 Welch, John J Male Widower 34 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland Buried Malden
3/13/1891 Welch, John  Male Single 67 y.  Chronic Nephritis Laborer Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland alias Hall
4/14/1884 Welch, John  Male Married 57 y.  Chronic Bronchitis & Heart Disease Laborer Ireland Chris & Mary Ireland  
5/2/1861 Welch, John  Male   2 m.  Cong. of Lungs   Tewksbury      
6/20/1893 Welch, John  Male Single 34 y.  Pneumonia & Phthisis Longshoreman MA Richard & Catherine Ireland & England Buried Tewksbury
8/19/1882 Welch, John  Male Single 25 y.  Exhaustion   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
3/3/1879 Welch, Louisa  Female Single 6 m.  Chronic Enteritis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
5/4/1875 Welch, Margaret  Female Single 35 y.  Congestion of Lungs Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/20/1875 Welch, Margaret  Female   2 y.  Cong. Syphilis   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
8/4/1883 Welch, Margaret  Female   Unknown y.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/11/1903 Welch, Mary  Female Single 63 y.  Diabetes Mellitus Housework England John & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/26/1905 Welch, Mary  Female Single 34 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/11/1864 Welch, Mary  Female   2 m.  Infantile Debility   "Bridgewater, MA"      
8/11/1897 Welch, Mary E Female Single 1 m. 16 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Edward Bickford & Mary Welch Nova Scotia & Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/3/1900 Welch, Michael J Male Single 32 y.  Phthisis Morroco Work Ireland Patrick & Elizabeth Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/25/1897 Welch, Michael  Male Single 31 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Thomas & Kate Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/27/1900 Welch, Patrick  Male Widower 79 y.  Senility & Enlarged Prostate Fisherman "St. John, New Brunswick" Walter & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/30/1875 Welch, Patrick  Male Single 22 y.  Phthisis Carpenter Ireland Patrick & Margaret Ireland  
1/12/1856 Welch, Richard  Male   19 y.  Consumption   Michigan      
10/27/1866 Welch, Richard  Male   15 y.  Diarrhoea "Boston, MA"        
2/2/1881 Welch, Richard  Male Single 32 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Edward & Bridget Ireland  
6/26/1873 Welch, Richard  Male Single 70 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland John & Mary Ireland  
8/17/1861 Welch, Robert T Male   1 y. 8 m.  Hydrocephalus   Boston IP      
12/17/1905 Welch, Ruth Alice  Female Single 17 d. Premature Birth   "Charlestown, MA" Unknown & Nellie Welch Unknown & ME Buried Tewksbury
12/7/1896 Welch, Thomas J Male Married 23 y.  Phthisis Laborer "Boston, MA" Morris & Margaret Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/31/1873 Welch, Thomas  Male Married 60 y.  Paralysis Teamster Ireland Unknown Unknown  
8/6/1879 Welch, Thomas  Male Single 71 y.  Cancer Laborer Ireland Patrick & Mary Ireland  
9/15/1886 Welch, Thomas J Male Single 35 y.  Alcoholism Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
12/28/1897 Welch, William  Male Married 61 y.  Cardiac Laborer Ireland William & Mary Ireland Buried Boston
10/13/1903 Welcome, Ann  Female Married 75 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Unknown MD Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
2/19/1876 Weld, Georgianna  Female Single 2 m. 7 d. Indigestion   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/17/1884 Welden, Mary J Female Married 80 y.  Senile Dementia   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
11/16/1894 Wellenhamp, Hyman  Male Single 46 y.  Cancer of Tongue Peddler Germany Unknown Germany Buried Tewksbury
5/20/1904 Wellman, Oscar B Male Widower 51 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Paper Mill ME Benjamin & Margaret (Nash) Wellman ME Buried Tewksbury
2/22/1890 Wells, Frank  Male Widower 60 y.  Cancer Driver VT William & Mary VT  
4/29/1900 Wells, George H Male Single 71 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Laborer Nova Scotia Jeremiah & Harriet Nova Scotia Buried Brookline
12/8/1860 Wells, John  Male   7 m.  Convulsions   Boston      
5/10/1862 Wells, Mary A Female   5 m.  Infantile Debility          
2/17/1897 Wells, Milton  Male Single 43 y.  Lateral Sclerosis & Cardiac Laborer NY Laurel & Minerva VT Buried Tewksbury
2/24/1894 Wells, Wilfred  Male Single 26 y.  Phthisis Farmer NY Elmore & Cecelia NY Buried Tewksbury
3/5/1884 Welsh, Alice  Female Single 6 m.  Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA" Mary & Unknown Ireland  
1/14/1885 Welsh, Annie  Female Single 1 m. 20 d. Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA" Patrick & Lizzie Nova Scotia & Ireland  
6/14/1882 Welsh, Annie  Female Single 11 m.  Bronchitis   "Tewksbury, MA" James & Annie "NY & Boston, MA"  
12/15/1900 Welsh, Catherine  Female Single 84 y.  Cardiac (Mitral) Seamstress Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Malden
11/13/1874 Welsh, Catherine  Female Widow 66 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
4/1/1879 Welsh, Daniel  Male Single 20 y.  Pneumonia Laborer NY Daniel & Unknown Ireland  
9/2/1874 Welsh, Eulick  Male Married 43 y.  Softening of Brain Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
3/6/1887 Welsh, Hannah  Female Widow 47 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland John & Abby Ford Ireland  
2/20/1883 Welsh, James  Male Single 34 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Richard & Mary Ireland  
6/16/1869 Welsh, James  Male   8 m.  Convulsions   MA James & Catherine Ireland  
6/19/1873 Welsh, James  Male Single 21 y.  Phthisis Groom Ireland James & Priscilla Ireland  
5/25/1880 Welsh, John  Male Single 68 y.  Paraplegia Blacksmith Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland  
5/31/1877 Welsh, Lawrence  Male Married 42 y.  Phthisis Operative Ireland Michael & Ellen Ireland  
1/31/1876 Welsh, Michael  Male Unknown 23 y.  Phthisis Unknown Ireland Unknown Ireland  
2/16/1885 Welsh, William  Male Single 56 y.  Phthisis Tanner New Brunswick Patrick & Sarah Ireland  
7/10/1858 Welsh, William  Male   75 y.  Senile Debility   Ireland      
6/6/1901 Welters, Joseph B Male Single 29 y.  General Tuberculosis Hotel FL John & Apadelia FL "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
9/16/1902 Welton, Clark  Male Widower 64 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Carpenter Nova Scotia Austin & Helen Nova Scotia Buried Malden
4/12/1859 Welton, Sarah  Female   1 y. 4 m.  Hydrocephalus   Mass      
8/29/1903 Wenderlee, Jacob  Male Unknown 66 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown not listed
8/5/1899 Wengate, Joseph  Male Widower 73 y.  Acute Diarrhoea Stone Cutter Germany John & Johanna Germany Buried Tewksbury
12/23/1904 Wentworth, Benjamin B Male Widower 70 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Carpenter ME Benjamin B. & Susan Unknown Buried Tewksbury
2/5/1869 Wentworth, Emeraline W Female   5 m.  Convulsions   "Boston, MA" George Wentworth & Olive Witham MA & ME  
9/26/1866 Wentworth, Thomas Y Male Single 39 y.  Inanition "Wilton, NH"        
10/27/1872 Wentworth, Walter  Male   2 m.  Cong. Syphilis   "No. Easton, MA" William & Fanny "Boston, MA"  
1/19/1869 Werdenpark, Delia  Female   2 m.  Infantile Debility   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
6/6/1897 West, Arthur  Male Single 3 d. Convulsions   "Tewksbury, MA" William & Helen MA Buried Tewksbury
10/13/1873 West, Fannie  Female Unknown 30 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
11/18/1873 West, Helen  Female   1 m.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
1/10/1884 West, Robert McC.  Male Single 26 y.  Phthisis Fisherman Ireland James & Eliza Ireland  
12/12/1875 West, Willie  Male   21 d. Marasmus   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
4/8/1869 West, Harry  Male   4 m.  Infantile   "Boston, MA" Ida ME  
12/11/1898 Westberg, John  Male Single 44 y.  Myocarditis Factory Sweden Andrew & Marie Sweden Buried Tewksbury
12/6/1869 Westcoat, Bertie  Male   42 d. Cong. Syphilis   MA Andrew & Nellie Ireland  
5/24/1877 Weston, Carey  Male Single 28 y.  Phthisis Seaman E. Indies Woodward & Sarah E. Indies  
6/6/1872 Weston, Charles J Male   1 m. 7 d. Debility   "Gloucester, MA" Melville & Fanny ME  
9/9/1894 Weston, Elizabeth  Female Widow 43 y.  Cardiac - Mitral Laundry Work Ireland John & Margaret Ireland Buried Tewksbury
8/12/1867 Weston, Henry  Male Single 2 m.  Infantile Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
9/2/1876 Wetherbee, Nehemiah A Male Married 75 y.  Old Age Harness Maker VT Salathial & Roxy Scotland & America  
5/11/1875 Wetherell, Jessie  Female Single 30 y.  Pneumonia Domestic England Unknown England  
6/18/1873 Whalan, Frank  Male   6 m.  Cong. Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA" Hannah Whalan & Frank Lowry Ireland & MA  
8/26/1870 Whalan, James  Male Single 75 y.  Debility Seaman Ireland Unknown Ireland  
3/5/1868 Whalan, Mary  Female Widow 75 y.  Senile Debility   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/21/1870 Whalen, Anna  Female Single 57 y.  Debility Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
9/13/1889 Whalen, Annie  Female Single 26 y.  Cancer Domestic Newfoundland William & Catherine Ireland  
7/4/1876 Whalen, Edward S Male Single 41 y.  Phthisis Wire Weaver "Carbonier, NF" Peter & Elizabeth Ireland  
7/6/1874 Whalen, Ellen  Female Married 50 y.  Heart Disease Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
11/10/1889 Whalen, Jeremiah  Male Single 35 y.  Typhoid Fever Spinner Ireland Michael & Hannah Ireland  
7/28/1901 Whalen, John  Male Widower 71 y.  Chronic Bronchitis Laborer Ireland Patrick & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/4/1878 Whalen, John  Male Married 47 y.  Phthisis Seaman Australia John & Jane Australia  
7/11/1875 Whalen, John  Male Single 40 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland William & Ann Ireland  
8/4/1896 Whalen, John  Male Widower 60 y.  Diarrhoea Laborer Ireland John & Ellen Ireland "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
8/10/1866 Whalen, Jonathan  Male   4 m.  Pneumonia "Tewksbury, MA"        
3/27/1892 Whalen, Mary  Female Single 1 m.  Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Mary Whalen & James Hardy Ireland  
4/14/1874 Whalen, Patrick  Male Married 63 y.  Phthisis Carriage Maker Ireland David & Ellen Ireland  
6/16/1882 Whalen, Patrick  Male Widower 41 y.  Phthisis Tailor Ireland James & Catherine Ireland  
1/27/1882 Whalen, Richard  Male Single 33 y.  Phthisis Laborer Newfoundland William & Margaret Newfoundland  
1/9/1894 Whalen, Robert A Male Single 1 m. 30 d. Inanition None "Tewksbury, MA" Robert Arnold & Nellie Whalen NY & Newfoundland Buried Tewksbury
5/7/1863 Whalen, Sarah  Female Widow 87 y.  Old Age   Ireland      
4/17/1905 Whalen, Thomas J Male Married 35 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Bartender "Utica, NY" James & Annie Ireland Buried Malden
6/22/1859 Whalen, William  Male   1 y. 6 m.  Marasmus   Mass      
12/10/1896 Whear, William  Male Single 51 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage & Hemiplegia Printer England Samuel & Elizabeth England Buried Tewksbury
5/16/1905 Wheatly, Mary E Female Single 29 y.  Multiple Neuritis Domestic NY James & Mary Australia & Mexico Buried Tewksbury
8/28/1895 Wheeler, Albert  Male Single 24 y.  Phthisis Hostler MA Henry & Elizabeth MA Buried Tewksbury
1/29/1872 Wheeler, Ari  Male Single 36 y.  Phthisis Machinist NH Gideon & Elizabeth NH  
5/2/1888 Wheeler, Catherine  Female Single 3 m.  Marasmus   RI Catherine Wheeler & Morris McNamara Ireland  
7/20/1905 Wheeler, Ella  Female Married 56 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Housework "Chelmsford, MA" Humphrey & Cornelia (Adams) Gleason US "Husband Otis, Buried Chelmsford"
1/6/1879 Wheeler, Harry  Male Single 4 m.  Phthisis   "Lawrence, MA" Unknown Unknown  
7/14/1855 Wheeler, John  Boy   2 m.  Infantile Debility          
12/7/1897 Wheeler, Lewis  Male Single 61 y.  Influenza & Pneumonia Sailor "Boston, MA" William & Jane NY Buried Tewksbury
2/3/1868 Wheeler, Mary A Female Widow 53 y.  Phthisis   Nova Scotia Unknown Nova Scotia  
9/29/1898 Wheelock, Fenwick  Male Single 32 y.  Auto Toxaemia Laborer England Deane & Cynthia England Buried Lynn
3/17/1862 Whelden, Thomas  Male   41 y.  Phthisis          
6/6/1887 Wheraty, John  Male Single 53 y.  Phthisis Mason Ireland John & Margaret Ireland  
12/11/1879 Whiffle, William  Male Married 56 y.  Mitral Regurgitation Farmer MA Robert NH Colored
2/1/1877 Whipple, Ellen  Female Single 21 y.  Phthisis Domestic NH Otis & Amanda VT  
10/22/1872 Whipple, Jacob  Male Unknown 64 y.  Delirium Tremens Hatter KY James & Mary KY  
1/29/1877 Whipple, Jeremiah T Male Single One half d. Premature Birth   Unknown Jeremiah Randall & Ellen Whipple MA & NH  
5/18/1901 Whipple, Mary  Female Single 67 y.  Senility none MA Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
12/13/1892 Whiston, Thomas  Male Single 30 y.  Phthisis Granite Polisher Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland  
7/13/1877 Whitaker, Carrie  Female Single 1 m. 21 d. Chronic Enteritis   "Tewksbury, MA" Richard & Maria SC & WI  
8/8/1861 Whitaker, George  Male   52 y.  Phthisis   England      
3/11/1864 Whitaker, James  Male   60 y.  Typhoid Pneumonia   England      
1/1/1864 Whitcomb, George  Male   2 m.  Infantile Debility   Unknown     Foundling
1/2/1880 White, Amelia G Female Single 6 m.  Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Rufus & Mary Ireland  
11/6/1897 White, Andrew  Male Widower 88 y.  Senility Cooper Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Boston
7/25/1904 White, Ann  Female Widow 63 y.  Acute Enteritis Laundress Ireland John & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/27/1883 White, Anna  Female   10 d. Congenital Heart Disease          
6/27/1898 White, Annie  Female Married 32 y.  Phthisis Housework Ireland John & Mary Ireland Buried Tewksbury
11/30/1877 White, Bridget  Female Unknown 55 y.  Dysentery Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown  
12/9/1900 White, Camiel  Male Single 25 y.  Septic Wound Knee Laborer New Brunswick Maxim & Silva New Brunswick Buried Tewksbury
11/11/1904 White, Catherine  Female Single 71 y.  Cancer of Neck Housework Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/1/1900 White, Charles L Male Single 28 y.  Phthisis Teamster MA John & Mary England & Ireland Buried Boston
7/23/1887 White, Charles  Male Single 2 m.  Cholera Infantum   MA Henry Evans & Minnie? White MA & Ireland  
6/15/1899 White, David  Male Single 66 y.  Senility Shoemaker Newfoundland Timothy & Catherine Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/18/1889 White, Delia G Female Single 1 m. 7 d. Marasmus   MA Isaac & Delia * MA & New Brunswick  
5/4/1904 White, Ella J Female Married 48 y.  Cancer of Uterus Housework MA Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
4/21/1871 White, Ella  Female Single 20 y.  Pneumonia Domestic Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/12/1905 White, Ellen  Female Married 43 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Tailoress NH Thomas & Mary (Blue) White England & Unknown Buried Tewksbury
9/27/1897 White, Emma  Female Married 37 y.  Cirrhosis of Liver Dressmaker PA William & Sarah England Buried Woburn
12/5/1871 White, Emma F Female   10 m.  Convulsions   "Tewksbury, MA" Ella White & Warren G. Neill Unknown  
8/4/1894 White, Etta  Female Single 8 m.  Tuberculosis None "Boston, MA" Clifford Plummer & Catherine White Unknown Buried Tewksbury
3/3/1887 White, Francis  Male Single 4 m.  Pneumonia   "Tewksbury, MA" Jesse Sims & Mary White Blank & TN Colored
12/27/1867 White, George  Male Single 4 m.  Pneumonia   "Cohasset, MA" Unknown Unknown  
3/25/1879 White, George  Male Single 62 y.  Cancer of Groin Farmer VT George & Lydia VT  
4/21/1871 White, George  Male   4 m.  Debility   "Boston, MA" Charles & Anna MA  
6/14/1897 White, George E Male Single 37 y.  Phthisis Painter GA George & Caroline NY Buried Tewksbury
11/23/1875 White, Isabella  Female   3 m.  Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/14/1858 White, James  Male   16 d. Infant Debility   Almshouse      
5/6/1863 White, James  Male Single 45 y.  Phthisis   "Delaware, MD?"     Colored
7/10/1878 White, James  Male Single 33 y.  Epilepsy   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
8/26/1876 White, James E Male Married 35 y.  Phthisis Painter "Grafton, MA" James & Roxanna MA  
5/2/1878 White, Jennie  Female Widow 32 y.  Phthisis & Syphilis Cook "Boston, MA" Frank & Elizabeth Scotland & Ireland alias Salsbury
10/18/1895 White, John P Male Widower 60 y.  Cardiac (Mitral) Sailor Ireland Thomas & Margaret Ireland Buried Boston
11/20/1875 White, John  Male Single 22 y.  Infl. Rheum. Baker Canada William & Susan Canada  
12/15/1867 White, John  Male Single 1 m.  Infantile Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/12/1878 White, John F Male Single 34 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Unknown Unknown  
8/31/1883 White, John  Male   30 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Richard & Margaret Ireland  
6/4/1880 White, Jonas  Male   78 y.  Cancer Farmer "Watertown, MA" Samuel & Elizabeth "Watertown, MA"  
8/12/1875 White, Joseph I Male Single 22 y.  Delirium Tremens Hack Driver "Boston, MA" David & Unknown Ireland  
2/19/1882 White, Kate  Female Single 1 y.  Hemorrhage - Syphilis   Unknown Jane & Unknown Ireland  
3/22/1879 White, Lilla  Female Single 5 m.  Acute Bronchitis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
5/5/1905 White, Mabel  Female Single 20 y.  Tuberculous Meningitis Housework CT Charles & Flora (Surles) White "Fitchburg, MA & Granville, MA" Buried Westfield
5/1/1861 White, Martha H Female   2 m.  Infant Debility   Tewksbury      
10/10/1867 White, Mary  Female Widow 35 y.  Syphilis   Ireland Father Peter McKenney Ireland  
2/27/1881 White, Mary A Female Single 14 d. Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA" Edward & Alice "VT & Providence, RI"  
5/3/1887 White, Mary  Female Single 24 y.  Heart Disease Domestic TN Alex & Unknown Unknown Colored
2/19/1892 White, Michael  Male Single 34 y.  Anaemia & Ulcer Laborer Ireland James & Catherine Ireland  
3/25/1867 White, Michael  Male Single 58 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Thomas & Bridget Ireland  
3/7/1885 White, Michael  Male Single 32 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Michael & Catherine Ireland  
12/23/1893 White, Richard  Male Widower 50 y.  Debility Hostler Ireland John & Johanna Ireland Buried Tewksbury
6/25/1896 White, Richard  Male Widower 56 y.  Peripheal Neuritis Fisherman Nova Scotia Thomas & Unknown "Lockport, NS" Buried Tewksbury
1/16/1893 White, Robert  Male Single 1 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Catherine White & Robert Burns Ireland & MA Buried Tewksbury
9/22/1904 White, Sarah  Female Married 36 y.  Phthisis Cook England George & Caroline (Chapman) Farrell England "Husband Fred, Buried Lowell"
2/20/1898 White, Wellington S Male Married 38 y.  Cerebral Haemorrhage & Pneumonia Laborer New Brunswick William & Emily New Brunswick Buried Everett
8/24/1904 White, William H Male Married 20 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Musician "Boston, MA" Nathaniel & Sophia "Boston, MA" "Colored, Buried Boston"
1/10/1888 White, William  Male Widower 72 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Ireland Michael & Ann Ireland  
1/17/1872 White, William  Male Unknown 20 y.  Congestion of Brain Baker "Charlestown, MA" William & Catherine Ireland  
2/7/1894 White, William  Male Single 1 y.  General Tuberculosis None "Tewksbury, MA" William & Bertha US & VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
3/25/1875 White, William  Male Single 75 y.  Debility Unknown Unknown William & Alice Unknown  
4/18/1895 White, William T Male Widower 33 y.  Pneumonia Florist "Dedham, MA" William & Anna Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/16/1873 White, William  Male Married 72 y.  Diarrhoea Peddler Ireland Benjamin & Unknown Ireland  
11/1/1867 White, Willie  Male Single 5 m.  Cholera Infantum   "Charlestown, MA" Susan & Joseph ME & MA  
12/9/1868 Whitehead, John  Male   2 m.  Infantile Debility   Unknown Unknown    
5/31/1875 Whitehead, Joseph  Male Widower 42 y.  Congestion of Brain Spinner England James & Mary England  
10/29/1893 Whiteley, Susanna  Female Widow 70 y.  Phthisis & Cardiac Domestic England John & Margaret Unknown Buried Tewksbury
1/25/1882 Whitfield, Charles  Male Single 29 y.  Phthisis Laborer VA Edward & Sarah VA Colored
1/8/1893 Whitford, David  Male Widower 48 y.  Pneumonia Laborer ME David & Mary ME Buried North Hanson
9/15/1872 Whitford, Ellen F Female   15 m.  Phthisis   "Tewksbury, MA" Emma & Unknown MA Colored
1/19/1875 Whiting, Eleanor  Female   21 d. Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
6/14/1902 Whitman, George D Male Widower 61 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Machinist CT George & Sarah CT Buried Tewksbury
5/16/1905 Whitman, George  Male Widower 69 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Brakeman MA Daniel & Betsey (Sherman) Whitman CT Buried Tewksbury
4/21/1896 Whitman, John  Male Widower 41 y.  Phthisis Steward "Dixmont, ME" John & Ellen ME Buried Tewksbury
9/5/1891 Whitmore, John  Male Widower 84 y.  Old Age Farmer CT Jno. & Abigail (Potter) CT & RI  
1/8/1859 Whitney, Charles  Male   9 y.  Hip Disease   Mass      
6/2/1861 Whitney, Ellen O Female   2 y.  Initative Fever   North Reading      
4/17/1862 Whitney, John A Male   8 y.  Epilepsy          
11/23/1861 Whitney, Joseph  Male   4 y.  Scrofula   N. Reading      
2/17/1862 Whitney, Mary A Female   9 y.  Meningitis          
8/23/1868 Whitney, Peter  Male Single 50 y.  Inanition Soldier Ireland Unknown Ireland  
11/9/1869 Whitney, Sally  Female Unknown 75 y.  Debility   ME Unknown Unknown  
1/30/1905 Whitney, William  Male Single 47 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Laborer MA James & Betsy MA Buried Tewksbury
10/12/1858 Whittaker, Charles  Male   35 y.  Hemorrhage of Lungs   Maryland      
5/27/1881 Whittaker, Edward  Male Single 14 d. Scrofula   "Tewksbury, MA" John & Mary Unknown  
8/4/1901 Whittaker, George  Male Single 37 y.  Phthisis Laborer England Robert & Ellen England Buried Tewksbury
4/18/1870 Whittemore, Charles Wm.  Male   4 y.  Phthisis   "Falmouth, NS" Harriet & John "Falmouth, NS"  
9/28/1872 Whittemore, John C Male Unknown 40 y.  Debility Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown  
5/25/1887 Whitten, Nora  Female Married 34 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland James & Mary Hamer? Ireland  
12/13/1888 Whitters, Lilla  Female Single 47 y.  Heart Disease Domestic Unknown Unknown Unknown  
5/12/1891 Whittier, Alice M Female Single 19 y.  Pneumonia Domestic MA ? & Cynthia (?) MA  
12/7/1870 Whittiker, Charles P Male   6 m.  Cholera Infantum   "Boston, MA" Theresa & Benjamin B. ME  
6/15/1901 Whitton, Charles  Male Single 30 y.  Chronic Nephritis Bartender Nova Scotia Joseph & Unknown England Buried Tewksbury
9/16/1901 Whitton, William A Male Single 29 y.  General Tuberculosis Painter MA William & Annie MA Buried Malden
11/9/1893 Whitworth, Alfred  Male Married 45 y.  Phthisis Brick Mason England Joseph & Martha England Buried Tewksbury
3/9/1892 Wholey, John  Male Widower 65 y.  Heart Disease Laborer Ireland Michael & Honora Ireland  
9/7/1880 Wholley, David  Male Single 19 y.  Phthisis Laborer "Dorchester, MA" Unknown Unknown  
7/16/1875 Wholley, Mary  Female Married 82 y.  Diarrhoea Housekeeper Ireland William & Catherine Ireland  
10/27/1861 Wholly, Lizzie  Female   2 y.  Gangrene Oris   Chelsea IP      
4/25/1891 Whynock, Elton  Male Single 4 m.  Congenital Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA" Lena Whynock & Allen Frazer Nova Scotia  
11/12/1882 Wicks, Mary  Female Widow 60 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea Domestic Ireland Andrew & Hannah Ireland alias Charlotte
11/22/1881 Widegraw, August  Male Single 22 y.  Phthisis   Sweden Unknown Unknown  
12/9/1904 Wiggins, Ellen  Female Widow 43 y.  Cancer of Uterus Housework England Patrick & Ellen (Coffee) Kennedy Ireland "Husband Charles, Buried Tewksbury"
3/15/1873 Wiggins, Patrick  Male Widower 80 y.  Debility Laborer Ireland Patrick & Hannah Ireland  
9/20/1885 Wilbank, James  Male Single 23 y.  Typhoid Fever Laborer Ireland John & Mary Ireland  
5/24/1878 Wilbur, William  Male Single 14 d. Phthisis   "Tewksbury, MA" Eleanor & William MA  
8/1/1905 Wilcox, Bernard L Male Single 14 y.  Epilepsy None MA Alvin & Unknown MA "Buried Providence, RI"
5/18/1869 Wilcox, Daniel  Male Single 56 y.  General Debility   MA Unknown MA  
7/24/1865 Wild, George H Male   2 d. Infantile   "Tewksbury, MA"      
6/21/1893 Wilde, Alfred  Male Single 33 y.  Pneumonia Cotton Mill MA John & Elizabeth England Buried Lowell
3/30/1904 Wilde, Charles H Male Single 60 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Laborer "Colfax, IN" Charles & Lydia (Abbott) Wilde IN Buried Tewksbury
8/5/1876 Wilde, Geneva  Female Single 1 m. 4 d. Cholera Infantum   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/19/1901 Wilde, John  Male Single 64 y.  Senility Painter England Samuel & Maria England Buried Tewksbury
1/10/1883 Wilde, Mary  Female Single 1 m. 21 d. Marasmus   "Boston, MA" Stewart & Nettie Nova Scotia  
1/27/1871 Wilde, William J Male Married 49 y.  Dropsy Engineer "Hallowell, ME" William & Phebe ME  
11/12/1878 Wilder, Anna  Female Single 2 m. 1 d. Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/16/1858 Wilder, William E Male   1 y. 3 m.  Pneumonia Foundling Woburn      
8/15/1858 Wiley, Catherine  Female   70 y.  Dropsy   Ireland      
9/28/1905 Wiley, Mary  Female Married 40 y.  Transverse Myelitis Housework Russia Masua? & Helena (Judiski) Judici Russia Buried Gardner
10/18/1900 Wilford, Jennie M Female Married 56 y.  Myocarditis Housework MA Archie & Abbie ME Buried Tewksbury
7/17/1901 Wilkins, Charles  Male Single 60 y.  Enteritis Unknown Unknown Unknown unknown Buried Tewksbury
6/20/1901 Wilkins, Levi L Male Single 80 y.  Senility Photographer MA John & Sally MA Buried Tewksbury
3/30/1874 Wilkins, Lizzie  Female Single 19 y.  Phthisis Domestic Nova Scotia Unknown Nova Scotia  
7/9/1896 Wilkins, Timothy  Male Single 40 y.  General Paralysis of Insane Unknown NH Unknown & Margaret Unknown "Buried Warner, NH"
5/19/1874 Wilkins, William  Male   5 m. 24 d. Phthisis   "Tewksbury, MA" Lizzie Wilkins & William Neeley Ireland  
1/21/1903 Wilkins, William Manley  Male Widower 78 y.  Senility Dentist VT James & Merriam NH "Buried Lewiston, ME"
8/9/1901 Wilkinson, Andrew  Male Single 63 y.  Malignant of Abdomen Shoemaker Ireland James & Ann Ireland Buried Boston
5/31/1865 Wilkinson, George  Male   14 y.  Pleurisy   VA      
6/8/1894 Wilkinson, William  Male Widower 78 y.  "Debility, Senile & Cardiac" Gardener England William & Unknown England Buried Brookline
2/16/1889 Willard, Annie  Female Single 23 y.  Phthisis Domestic MA James & Elizabeth (Cotton) * Unknown  
11/11/1875 Willard, Grace  Female   21 d. Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/11/1872 Willett, Joseph  Male Unknown 42 y.  Softening of Brain Laborer Canada Joseph & Bertha Canada  
7/17/1881 Willey, Catherine  Female Unknown 53 y.  Phthisis Operative Switzerland Andrew & Catherine Switzerland  
1/15/1875 Willey, Isabella  Female   6 m.  Pneumonia   ? NH Unknown Unknown  
10/14/1894 Williams, Albert  Male Single 59 y.  Phthisis Farming SC Anthony & Rose SC Buried Tewksbury
8/7/1871 Williams, Anna  Female Unknown 64 y.  Debility Domestic "Wilmington, MD" Unknown Unknown Colored
8/10/1884 Williams, Bertie  Female Single 21 d. Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Minnie & Frank England  
9/19/1869 Williams, Catherine  Female Single 30 y.  Diarrhoea   MA Patrick & Margaret Ireland  
5/5/1905 Williams, Charles  Male Widower 48 y.  Cancer of Stomach Carpenter OH Olun & Catherine (Flynn) Williams "Sweden & Boston, MA" Buried Tewksbury
10/9/1860 Williams, Charles  Male   1 y. 4 m.  Marasmus   Almshouse      
8/3/1860 Williams, Charles  Male   3 m.  Infant Debility   Almshouse      
7/2/1878 Williams, Charlotte  Female Married 50 y.  Uterine Fibroid Cook "Washington, DC" Richard & Hannah "Washington, DC" Colored
2/1/1897 Williams, Edward  Male Married 55 y.  Pneumonia Cook MA James & Mary MA Buried Tewksbury
2/16/1896 Williams, Edward  Male Single 25 y.  Phthisis Clerk NY John & Sarah NY Buried Tewksbury
4/5/1871 Williams, Elias  Male Unknown 65 y.  Varioloid Laborer VT Unknown Unknown  
12/4/1901 Williams, Elizabeth  Female Single 19 y.  Phthisis Chamber Maid New Brunswick Frank & Elizabeth New Brunswick Buried Tewksbury
3/24/1894 Williams, Ellen E Female Widow 40 y.  Tertiary Syphilis Domestic "Boston, MA" John Douglas & Catherine Plunkett Scotland & ? Buried Tewksbury
4/27/1902 Williams, Emma E.D. Female Married 51 y.  Carcinoma of Intestines Cook PA Henry & Eliza PA "Colored, Buried Woburn"
6/5/1901 Williams, Fifi  Female Married 32 y.  General Tuberculosis Peddler Arabia Joseph & Unknown Arabia Buried Tewksbury
1/12/1888 Williams, Frank  Male Single 48 y.  Heart Disease Sailor So. America ? & Lena So. America Colored
5/20/1863 Williams, Frederick  Male   16 d. Cong. Syph.   "Tewksbury, MA" Alfonzo Gonzales & Almira Williams Spain & US  
5/10/1905 Williams, George  Male Single 32 y.  Phthisis Stone Worker SC John & Ovie SC "Colored, Buried Boston"
1/1/1876 Williams, George  Male Single 39 y.  Phthisis Bricklayer MD Samuel & Rachel ME & B. M. A  
12/4/1899 Williams, George B Male Single 54 y.  Myocarditis Shoemaker "Cohassett, MA" Thomas & Elmira England Buried Cohassett
6/15/1873 Williams, Hatty  Female   5 m.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/8/1863 Williams, Henry  Male Single 24 y.  Phthisis   Virginia     Colored
12/15/1885 Williams, Henry  Male Single 11 m.  Laryngitis   "Tewksbury, MA" Myra Williams & Henry Stoddard MA & NY  
7/31/1872 Williams, Horace  Male   8 m.  Cholera Infantum   "Monson, MA" Emma & Unknown PA  
10/13/1887 Williams, Isaac  Male Widower 35 y.  Phthisis Laborer Canada William & Anne Unknown Colored
9/7/1903 Williams, Isabella  Female Widow 80 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Housework NJ William & Margaret NJ "Colored, not listed"
1/21/1901 Williams, James  Male Widower 60 y.  Phthisis Livery Stable Nova Scotia Isaac & Mary Nova Scotia "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
3/14/1881 Williams, Jason  Male Widower 54 y.  Paraplegia Carpenter "Hollis, NH" Jonathan & Lucinda "Groton, NH"  
2/15/1905 Williams, John  Male Widower 72 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Laborer Wales Owen & Jane (Humphreys) Williams Wales Buried Tewksbury
6/4/1905 Williams, John  Male Widower 82 y.  Arterio Sclerosis Sailor Finland Peter & Unknown Finland & Unknown Buried Lawrence
12/18/1877 Williams, John  Male Single 20 y.  Phthisis Seaman Savage Islands Unknown Unknown  
4/16/1862 Williams, John  Male Colored 74 y.  Cancer          
5/21/1876 Williams, John  Male Widower 56 y.  General Paralysis Laborer England William & Margaret England  
6/14/1879 Williams, John  Male Single 5 m.  Marasmus   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/24/1867 Williams, John  Male Unknown 76 y.  Scrofula   Wales Unknown Unknown  
11/26/1874 Williams, Kate  Female Unknown 47 y.  Epilepsy Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/8/1896 Williams, Lafayette  Male Married 35 y.  Phthisis Teamster MA Lafayette & Abby MA Buried Templeton
5/1/1902 Williams, Leonard  Male Unknown 80 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
4/5/1895 Williams, Margaret  Female Widow 47 y.  Cardiac - Valvular Disease Tailoress England John Mills & Mary Ireland & England Buried Tewksbury
8/25/1877 Williams, Margaret  Female Single 35 y.  Fatty Liver Domestic "Boston, MA" William & Alice England & Ireland  
2/21/1894 Williams, Maria E Female Single 41 y.  Pneumonia Unknown ME Unknown Unknown "Buried Bangor, ME"
9/14/1903 Williams, Maria Alice  Female Widow 53 y.  Hemiplegia Laundress Nova Scotia Isaac & Maria MD & NY Buried Cambridge
6/10/1860 Williams, Martha  Female   4 m.  Infant Debility   Unknown      
4/11/1896 Williams, Mary  Female Married 41 y.  Phthisis Housewife MS Unknown Unknown Buried Boston
7/25/1894 Williams, Mary  Female Single 1 d. Inanition None "Tewksbury, MA" Alma Baker & Nellie Williams Nova Scotia Buried Tewksbury
6/8/1868 Williams, Maud Hand  Female   2 m.  Infantile Debility   "Boston, MA" Unknown Europe Colored
7/28/1884 Williams, Minnie  Female Single 23 y.  Gastritis Domestic England Unknown England  
2/3/1855 Williams, Peter  Man   31 y.  Consumption          
12/9/1902 Williams, Phoebe  Female Widow 87 y.  Senility Housework New Brunswick Jonathan & Sarah NY & New Brunswick Buried Hudson
1/12/1894 Williams, Robert  Male Single 40 y.  Phthisis Laborer Finland William & Mary Finland Buried Tewksbury
12/29/1892 Williams, Robert  Male Married 55 y.  Chronic Diarrhoea Shoemaker England Robert & Mary England  
7/1/1894 Williams, Robert  Male Widower 81 y.  Cardiac & Debility Shoemaker England Robert & Susan England Buried Tewksbury
7/25/1897 Williams, Theodore P Male Married 67 y.  General Paralysis Bar Tender MA Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
9/10/1873 Williams, Walter  Male Unknown 3 m.  Debility   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
3/2/1902 Williams, William H Male Single 50 y.  Cerebral Tumor Waiter NY Thomas & Eliza MD "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
2/19/1897 Williams, William  Male Widower 65 y.  Paralysis & Hemiplegia Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
5/18/1893 Williams, William  Male Married 75 y.  Debility Engineer England William & Susanna Wales Buried Salem
8/5/1883 Williams, William  Male   63 y.  Debility Farmer MA Lucy & Unknown MA  
4/14/1867 Williams, John  Male Single 1 y. 2 m.  Scrofula   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
9/21/1866 Williamson, Elizabeth  Female Widow 23 y.  Phthisis Ireland        
4/21/1856 Williamson, John  Male   3 m.  Infantile Debility   Boston      
6/2/1868 Williamson, John  Male   1 m. 5 d. Infantile Debility   "Tewksbury, MA" Ellen & John Gannon Ireland  
1/23/1876 Williamson, Roebuck  Male Single 35 y.  Phthisis Unknown England Hugh & Mary England  
12/21/1892 Willis, Alfred  Male Single 49 y.  Miliary Tuberculosis Mason VA Absalom & Polly VA Colored
10/26/1891 Willis, Benjamin  Male   45 y.  Heart Disease Cook GA James & Lydia Ireland  
1/7/1878 Willis, David  Male Unknown 80 y.  Apoplexy Unknown "Brockton, MA" Unknown Unknown  
4/27/1892 Willis, Frank  Male Single 33 y.  Phthisis Hemorrhage Laborer VA Lewis & Georgiana VA Colored
12/8/1855 Willis, Jane  Woman   68 y.  Consumption          
6/4/1868 Willis, Richard  Male Single 22 y.  Pneumonia Laborer VA Unknown Unknown Colored
4/9/1893 Williston, George B Male Single 49 y.  Phthisis Farmer ME George & Belinda ME Buried Tewksbury
1/26/1905 Willoughby, Charles B Male Married 55 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Laborer West Indies Stratford & Mary B. (Gaskey) Willoughby West Indies "Colored, Buried Boston"
7/23/1886 Wilson, Agnes  Female Single 11 d. Haemorrhage   "Tewksbury, MA" Agnes Wilson & Dion Martin Ireland  
10/9/1901 Wilson, Alexander  Male Widower 86 y.  Acute Croupous Pneumonia Waiter Ireland James & Martha Ireland Buried Lexington
3/25/1878 Wilson, Andrew  Male Single 26 y.  Phthisis Seaman Norway Ellison & Keran Norway  
1/1/1874 Wilson, Anna  Female Widow 32 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic "Exeter, NH" Albert & Laura Upton Salem  
2/7/1867 Wilson, Annie  Female Single 8 m.  Influenza   "Tewksbury, MA" Ellen Wilson & Edwin Rodgers MD & MA Colored
7/18/1899 Wilson, Benjamin J Male Widower 72 y.  Pneumonia following Lymphangitis Trader NY Hermon & Elizabeth NY Buried Tewksbury
8/28/1887 Wilson, Blanche  Female Single 23 y.  Heart Disease Waitress VT John & Annette VT  
9/7/1903 Wilson, Bridget  Female Married 62 y.  Acute Enteritis Domestic Ireland James McGoun & Sarah Ireland "Alias McGoun, not listed"
8/31/1885 Wilson, Bridget  Female Widow 65 y.  Chronic Nephritis Seamstress Ireland Henry & Peggy Stewart Ireland  
5/30/1887 Wilson, Catherine  Female Married 46 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown  
9/29/1860 Wilson, Catherine  Female   40 y.  Inanition   England      
1/13/1905 Wilson, Christina  Female Married 67 y.  Arterio Sclerosis Mill Hand ME Unknown PA & ME Buried Tewksbury
4/12/1885 Wilson, Cora  Female Widow 40 y.  Paralysis Midwife NH John & Martha Scotland & Canada  
11/19/1871 Wilson, Donald  Male Single 32 y.  Softening of Brain Laborer Scotland John & Mariam Scotland  
1/24/1864 Wilson, Edward  Male   25 y.  Pneumonia   Virginia     Colored
3/1/1900 Wilson, Fanny  Female Single 54 y.  Pneumonia & Phthisis Operative Ireland Unknown Ireland Buried Tewksbury
2/6/1866 Wilson, George  Male   1 m.  Marasmus "Tewksbury, MA"        
5/19/1879 Wilson, George  Male Single 70 y.  Old Age & Phthisis Seaman England Joseph & Elizabeth England  
7/6/1891 Wilson, George  Male Single 37 y.  Phthisis Hostler MA John & Mary (Mairs) Scotland  
9/14/1883 Wilson, George  Male Single 37 y.  Phthisis Stone Mason New Brunswick George & Margaret New Brunswick  
7/28/1865 Wilson, Henry  Male   2 m.  Infantile Debility   "Tewksbury, MA"      
6/13/1878 Wilson, Isabella  Female Married 65 y.  Phthisis Operative Ireland David & Lucy Ireland  
11/5/1900 Wilson, James  Male Single 46 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland William & Elizabeth Ireland Buried Tewksbury
10/13/1875 Wilson, James  Male Single 16 y.  Rickets   "Fall River, MA" Unknown Unknown  
7/19/1874 Wilson, James  Male Single 50 y.  Phthisis Fisherman Newfoundland Unknown Unknown  
8/5/1875 Wilson, Jane  Female   1 m. 21 d. Debility   "Wilmington, MA" Unknown Unknown  
5/30/1899 Wilson, Jean  Male Single 3 m. 20 d. Inanition   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Bridget Scotland Buried Tewksbury
1/30/1902 Wilson, John  Male Single 65 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Longshoreman Ireland Michael & Johanna Ireland Buried Tewksbury
1/29/1888 Wilson, John A Male Single 62 y.  Phthisis Cutler MA Anthony & Mary England & Scotland  
4/8/1877 Wilson, John  Male Single 35 y.  Debility from chronic rheum.   "Boston, MA" Thomas & Nancy Ireland  
7/24/1869 Wilson, John  Male Single 37 y.  Heart Disease   East Indies Unknown Unknown  
8/22/1896 Wilson, John  Male Widower 80 y.  Malignant Ulcer of Leg Laborer Ireland Patrick & Sabina Ireland Buried Tewksbury
9/17/1893 Wilson, John  Male Single 19 y.  Typhoid Fever & Hemorrhage Leather Worker Ireland Frank & Unknown Ireland & Scotland Buried Tewksbury
7/7/1865 Wilson, Joseph  Male   1 m.  Infantile   Unknown      
12/14/1894 Wilson, Lewis  Male Single 42 y.  Phthisis Painter NY Alfred & Margaret Scotland & ? Buried Tewksbury
7/3/1875 Wilson, Lizzie  Female   13 m.  Pneumonia   Unknown Unknown Unknown Colored
5/23/1903 Wilson, Margaret  Female Married 26 y.  Phthisis Housework Ireland Patrick & Annie Ireland Buried Malden
1/29/1880 Wilson, Mary  Female Single 2 m.  Marasmus   "Tewksbury, MA" Cynthia Wilson & Unknown Methuen & Unknown  
8/10/1878 Wilson, Mary A Female Single 1 m. 14 d. Inanition   "Lawrence, MA" Unknown Unknown  
8/6/1872 Wilson, Mary  Female Unknown 40 y.  Phthisis Domestic Halifax Unknown Ireland  
3/28/1874 Wilson, Nathan  Male Single 38 y.  Necrosis Seaman Nova Scotia Newall & Margaret Nova Scotia  
6/22/1904 Wilson, Samuel F Male Widower 78 y.  Arterio Sclerosis Painter ME Samuel & Judith (Russ) Wilson ME Buried Tewksbury
1/25/1874 Wilson, Samuel  Male Single 19 y.  Secondary Syphilis Seaman Tahiti Chilea & Mary Tahiti  
2/8/1892 Wilson, Theresa  Female Single 3 d. Meningitis   MA Nellie Wilson & Henry Smith Canada & Prince Edward Island  
2/23/1905 Wilson, Walter W Male Single 53 y.  Epilepsy Plaster Maker NH Unknown & Lizzie L. (Mason) NH Buried Tewksbury
3/30/1876 Wilson, William F Male Single 48 y.  Alcoholism Artist England Unknown England  
10/2/1904 Winchester, Charles T Male Single 36 y.  Chronic Opium Poisoning Newspaper Rptr. "Springfield, MA" Charles A. & Fannie (Partridge) Winch. VT & MA Buried Tewksbury
12/15/1905 Winfield, James S Male Single 42 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Laborer VA Eldridge & Francis (Robinson) Winfield VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
5/3/1896 Winfield, William  Male Single 45 y.  Phthisis Laborer VA Joe & Hannah VA Buried Tewksbury
3/30/1893 Winn, Ann  Female Unknown 70 y.  Acute Lobar Pneumonia None Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
2/1/1897 Winn, James  Male Single 39 y.  Cerebral Meningitis Laborer Ireland Michael & Mary Ireland Buried Marlborough
5/28/1869 Winn, Leonora  Female   6 m.  Infantile Debility   "Salem, MA" Rose Carr VA  
10/15/1872 Winn, Oliver  Male   4 m.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
5/20/1883 Winsey, Mary  Female Widow 65 y.  Phthisis Domestic Scotland John & Mary    
2/11/1891 Winslow, Abby  Female Widow 60 y.  Heart Disease Domestic MA Thomas & Jerusha (Cole) Unknown  
5/17/1854 Winslow, Sanford S Male   1 m.  Dropsy of Brain   Deer Island      
6/22/1877 Winsor, Lottie M Female Single 4 m.  Inanition   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
8/21/1903 Winstanley, John  Male Widower 71 y.  Cancer of Tongue Laborer England John & Esther England Buried Billerica
2/16/1875 Winters, Catherine  Female Married 94 y.  Debility Housekeeper NY Unknown Unknown  
2/27/1899 Winters, Frederick  Male Single 11 m.  Broncho-pneumonia   "Tewksbury, MA" Unknown & Bertha Unknown Buried Tewksbury
6/23/1875 Winters, Jacob  Male Married 84 y.  Debility Laborer NY Jacob & Sarah NY  
6/28/1855 Winters, Jane  Woman   25 y.  Infantile Deblity          
1/17/1881 Winters, Mary A Female Single 3 y.  Measles   Prince Edward Island Benjamin & Margaret Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island  
1/17/1894 Winters, Sarah  Female Married 52 y.  Pneumonia Domestic Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Gloucester
2/19/1895 Wirtz, John  Male Single 48 y.  Phthisis Laborer VA Sammy & Sally VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
5/23/1901 Wise, James  Male Single 39 y.  Myocarditis Shoemaker ME Roderick & Mary ME Buried Tewksbury
1/4/1898 Wise, James  Male Single 71 y.  Pneumonia Barber Ireland James & Bridget Ireland Buried Tewksbury
6/8/1858 Wise, Mary A Female   32 y.  Syphilis   Ireland      
8/25/1900 Wiseman, Elizabeth  Female Widow 49 y.  Phthisis Washerwoman Nova Scotia Dennis & Mary Scotland & Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/9/1866 Wiseman, Lewis  Male Single 43 y.  Inanition Germany        
2/12/1894 Wiswell, Sarah  Female Widow 59 y.  Cancer of Rectum and Vagina Dressmaker ME Joseph & Charlotte ME "Buried Bath, ME"
11/9/1898 Witham, Albert  Male Single 72 y.  Cardiac Carpenter ME Ward & Olive ME Buried Tewksbury
5/27/1856 Withrow, Thomas  Male   5 y.  Scrofula   Boston      
12/12/1880 Witty, John  Male Unknown 38 y.  Dropsy   Germany Unknown Unknown  
1/11/1900 Wiwijurski, John  Male Single 25 y.  Phthisis Laborer Poland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
9/8/1905 Wludyka, Joseph  Male Single 19 y.  Phthisis Laborer Austria Stanislaw & Susana (Huvika) Wludyka Austria Buried Tewksbury
3/1/1866 Woburn, Ellen  Female   3 m.  Infantile Debility "Woburn, MA"        
4/10/1884 Wolfe, John  Male Single 61 y.  General Debility Laborer Scotland Jno. & Mary Scotland  
7/7/1892 Wood, Adam T Male Single 24 y.  Apoplexy Farmer Nova Scotia Robert & Sarah Nova Scotia  
4/26/1899 Wood, Alice  Female   2 m. 24 d. Hereditary Syphilis   "Tewksbury, MA" James & Minnie Unknown Buried Tewksbury
2/2/1865 Wood, Ann  Female Single 53 y.  Inanition   ME      
4/20/1899 Wood, Arthur  Male Single 2 y.  Lobar Pneumonia   MA James & Minnie NY & MA Buried Tewksbury
10/3/1898 Wood, Eliza B Male Married 49 y.  Cardiac Laborer MA Elijah & Betsey MA Buried Upton
10/4/1870 Wood, Elizabeth  Female Unknown 45 y.  Debility Domestic Scotland Unknown Unknown  
5/13/1874 Wood, Hannah  Female   5 m. 13 d. Syphilis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
10/27/1893 Wood, Henry  Male Single 27 y.  Phthisis Waiter England Henry & Eliza England Buried Tewksbury
2/11/1855 Wood, Isaac  Man Colored 72 y.  Old Age          
12/20/1883 Wood, Jennie  Female   4 minutes d. Scrotum   "Boston, MA" Frank & Amelia CT Colored
12/3/1901 Wood, Joseph B Male Single 46 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Laborer "Plymouth, MA" Israel & Ann ME & MA Buried Tewksbury
8/22/1873 Wood, Peter  Male Widower 69 y.  Scrofula Laborer Scotland Richard & Agnes Scotland  
6/16/1904 Wood, Sabra  Female Widow 72 y.  Myocarditis Housework ME Joseph & Rebecca (Morey) Churchill MA Buried Tewksbury
11/4/1883 Wood, Thomas  Male Married 64 y.  Bright's Disease Barber England Robert England  
6/27/1901 Wood, William O Male Single 53 y.  Phthisis Laborer NY Orlando & Harriet NY & MA Buried Tewksbury
6/25/1902 Wood, William S Male Widower 68 y.  Senility Machinist England John & Hannah England Buried Tewksbury
5/18/1882 Wood, William  Male Single 29 y.  Epilepsy   Newfoundland Unknown Unknown  
7/5/1878 Wood, Hannah  Female Single 2 m. 14 d. Inanition   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
4/7/1901 Wood, Agnes  Female Widow 48 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Housework MA Timothy & Hannah Ireland Buried Tewksbury
4/14/1863 Woodbeck, James E Male   2 y.  Scrofula   "Cambridge, MA" Alonzo & Ellen Woodbeck Ireland  
1/11/1863 Woodbeck, Sarah J Female   1 y. 6 m.  Convulsions   "Cambridge, MA" Alonzo & Ellen Ireland  
6/18/1854 Woodbridge, Rose  Female Negro 90 y.  Old Age   Africa      
8/22/1874 Woodbury, Margaret B Female Widow 47 y.  Debility Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
8/2/1875 Woodcock, David  Male Single Unknown y.  Phthisis Spinner England James & Elizabeth england  
7/9/1876 Woodruff, Fred  Male Single 19 m.  Scrofula   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
1/27/1903 Woodruff, George  Male Married 65 y.  Aortic & Mitral Insufficiency Reporter NY George & Elizabeth NY Buried Boston
8/17/1886 Woods, Amos  Male Single 70 y.  Bright's Disease Mason PA James & Elizabeth PA  
9/14/1864 Woods, Ann  Female Widow 52 y.  Heart Disease   England      
9/25/1859 Woods, Catherine  Female   48 y.  Phthisis   Ireland      
1/22/1856 Woods, Elira  Female   20 y.  Diarrhoea   Ohio      
12/25/1855 Woods, Elizabeth  Girl   14 d. Strangled by the Mother          
10/24/1860 Woods, Ellen  Female   8 y.  Marasmus   Unknown      
10/26/1874 Woods, Ernest  Male   1 m. 21 d. Convulsions   "Tewksbury, MA" Edith Woods & George Vay? England & Lowell  
2/12/1886 Woods, Ernest  Male Married 36 y.  Acute Mania Stone Cutter "Dover, NH" James & Maria Ireland & England  
10/15/1905 Woods, James  Male Single 35 y.  Phthisis Longshoreman Ireland Edward & Mary (Sennitt) Woods Ireland Buried Tewksbury
3/31/1897 Woods, Mary  Female Single 23 y.  Phthisis Domestic Ireland John & Mary Ireland Buried Malden
3/9/1901 Woodson, Arthur  Male Single 24 y.  Phthisis Bell Boy SC Harvey & Lulu SC "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
6/24/1878 Woodward, George  Male Single 15 m.  Moribund when admitted   "Boston, MA" Unknown Unknown  
6/7/1883 Wooley, Thomas  Male Married 65 y.  Phthisis Blacksmith England Edward & Eliza England  
4/4/1887 Woolley, John  Male Single 35 y.  Bright's Disease Operative MA Benjamin & Mary NY  
2/5/1877 Woolosford, Abraham  Male Single 2 m.  Inanition   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
12/21/1875 Worcester, Clara  Female Single Unknown y.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
4/10/1871 Worcester, Edward  Male   11 y.  Variola Laborer NH John & Almira MA  
1/19/1874 Worcester, Fannie  Female   2 m. 7 d. Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
3/29/1871 Worcester, James  Male Widower 70 y.  Debility Farmer MA Francis & Mary MA  
2/11/1875 Worcester, Mary J Female   1 m.  Debility   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
6/30/1876 Worcester, Mary  Female Single 1 y.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
2/18/1901 Worcester, William A Male Married 57 y.  Chronic Myocarditis Laborer CT George & Sarah CT & NY "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
7/29/1904 Worten, John  Male Widower 64 y.  Cancer of Tongue Chair Maker England Reuben & Sarah (Atwood) Worten England Buried Boston
8/18/1872 Wortman, Phebe  Female Single 71 y.  Diarrhoea Housekeeper New Brunswick Unknown Unknown  
1/9/1905 Wotherspoon, Thomas  Male Single 48 y.  Lobar Pneumonia Machinist Scotland Francis & Mary (Steele) Wotherspoon Scotland Buried Boston
6/9/1898 Woytowicz, Anna  Female Single 18 y.  Malignant Endocarditis Domestic Poland Unknown Poland Buried Tewksbury
12/14/1901 Wozniak, Anna  Female Married 20 y.  Fracture of Spine Mill Hand Austria Laphila & Lephie Austria "Alias Lupa, Buried Tewksbury"
11/8/1891 Wren, James  Male Single 72 y.  Heart Disease Cigar Maker England Jno. & Margaret (Murray) England  
12/5/1874 Wren, Matthew  Male Married 47 y.  Delirium Tremens Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
10/21/1879 Wright, Eva  Female Married 24 y.  Alcoholism   England Unknown & Mary Ireland  
2/17/1883 Wright, Frances E Female Widow 56 y.  Syph. Erysipelas Domestic Ireland Walter & Catherine Ireland  
1/29/1905 Wright, Frank E K Male Widower 53 y.  Chronic Opium Poisoning Physician England George & Eliza (Boardman) Wright England Buried Boston
10/14/1899 Wright, Frank  Male Single 29 y.  Acute Pericarditis Farmer MA Wallace & Fannie MA Buried Swampscott
11/14/1905 Wright, George  Male Single 39 y.  Cancer of Stomach Painter "Dover, NH" Marshall & Ann (Williams) Wright Scotland Buried Tewksbury
12/13/1885 Wright, George  Male Single 2 d. Cyanosis   "Tewksbury, MA" Sarah & Lewis M. VA Colored
3/12/1860 Wright, George H Male   10 y.  Gastritis   Charlestown      
7/28/1899 Wright, George  Male Married 37 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Sailor ME James & Arethusa ME Buried Tewksbury
2/3/1880 Wright, George A Male Married 33 y.  Paresis Machinist "Grafton, MA" Jabez L. & Matilda Unknown  
5/29/1901 Wright, John  Female Single 15 y.  Phlegmonous Pharyngitis none Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
12/26/1902 Wright, Mary H Female Married 77 y.  Cerebral Hemorrhage Housekeeper Nova Scotia Aaron & Nancy Nova Scotia Buried Tewksbury
9/4/1878 Wright, Mary  Female Married 42 y.  Heart Disease   "Norwich, CT" John & Almira VT  
12/25/1898 Wright, Robert  Male Married 47 y.  Cancer of Stomach Laborer NC Abraham & Mary NC "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
1/29/1887 Wright, William  Male Single 82 y.  Heart Disease Sailor PA Unknown Unknown  
1/21/1902 Wrinkle, James  Male Widower 50 y.  Acute Croupous Pneumonia Blacksmith Ireland Unknown Unknown Buried Malden
4/22/1903 Wuth, William  Male Single 18 y.  Phthisis Bottler Germany Herman & Flora Germany Buried W. Roxbury
8/19/1905 Wyatt, James  Male Single 54 y.  Phthisis Stone Mason Canada Francis & Mary (Walsh) Wyatt Canada & England Buried Tewksbury
6/18/1870 Wyatt, Louisa J Female Unknown 40 y.  Diarrhoea Domestic England Unknown Unknown  
1/23/1896 Wylie, James  Male Widower 42 y.  Pneumonia Weaver Scotland Samuel & Margaret Scotland Buried Tewksbury
10/11/1882 Wyman, John F Male Single 70 y.  Old Age Trader NH John & Mary MA  
5/21/1897 Wynne, James  Male Widower 70 y.  Senility & Asthma Painter Ireland Hugh & Mary Ireland Buried Boston
1/29/1877 Yager, Antone  Male Married 60 y.  Apoplexy Unknown Germany Unknown Germany  
2/15/1873 Yager, Charity  Female Married 30 y.  Phthisis   VA     Colored
3/14/1872 Yeffcott, Thomas  Male Unknown 63 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
7/13/1901 Yeghazarian, Horkames  Male Single 24 y.  Phthisis Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
12/29/1884 Yele, Leopold  Male Single 34 y.  Phthisis Weaver Canada James & Charlotte Canada  
7/14/1904 Yen, Goon  Male Single 43 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Laundry China Goon & Unknown China Buried Boston
5/19/1901 Yen, Ham  Male Single 27 y.  Phthisis Laundry China Unknown China Buried Tewksbury
5/12/1896 Yeoman, Alfred  Male Widower 67 y.  Nephritis & Pleurisy Taxidermist England John & Ann England Buried Tewksbury
8/31/1896 Yeomans, George  Male Widower 71 y.  Cardiac functions Carpenter "Oldtown, ME" Joseph & Margaret ME & Ireland Buried Tewksbury
8/19/1901 Yernkaietch, Adam  Male Single 37 y.  General Tuberculosis Miner Russia August & Mary Russia Buried Tewksbury
5/26/1884 Yetter, John J Male Single 1 m. 21 d. Enteritis   MA Henry & Annie M. Switzerland & Germany  
9/4/1904 Yitter, Harry  Male Single 64 y.  Phthisis Shoemaker Nova Scotia Henry & Ellen (McNamara) Yitter "Philadelphia, PA & PA" "Buried Providence, RI"
9/11/1856 York, Rose Ann Female Colored 30 y.  Consumption   Cape Breton      
5/7/1873 York, Sarah E Female Single 39 y.  Phthisis Domestic ME Unknown Unknown  
1/9/1904 York, William A Male Widower 42 y.  Aortic Insufficiency Longshoreman England Benjamin & Mary England "Colored, Buried Boston"
4/6/1893 Yorko, Josef  Male Single 5 m.  Acute Meningitis   MA Moran Azoo & Mary Yorko Jerusalem Buried Tewksbury
2/24/1875 Young, Ann  Female Married 80 y.  Debility Domestic Ireland John & Betty Ireland  
5/7/1878 Young, Annie  Female Single 2 d. Congenital Coma   "Tewksbury, MA" Jennie Young & Gaston Ferry Nova Scotia Colored
1/1/1892 Young, Catherine  Female Widow 55 y.  Debility Domestic Ireland Unknown Ireland  
4/1/1893 Young, Eliza  Female Single 59 y.  Debility Unknown New Brunswick Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
1/12/1868 Young, Eliza Ann  Female Widow 39 y.  Phthisis   Unknown Unknown Unknown  
12/27/1902 Young, Etta  Female Widow 55 y.  Phthisis Housework NH Henry & Priscilla MA & VT Buried Tewksbury
1/6/1888 Young, George H Male Widower 45 y.  Paralysis Laborer NH Charles & Caroline NH  
7/21/1894 Young, Georgianna  Female Single 10 y.  Phthisis None Cohoes? Levi & Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
8/20/1880 Young, Henry  Male Single 1 m. 12 d. Syphilis   "Boston, MA" James & Elizabeth NH & Canada  
6/16/1889 Young, Hugh  Male Single 56 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland Unknown Ireland  
1/24/1902 Young, James E Male Married 72 y.  Senile Dementia Carpenter Nova Scotia Caspar & Elizabeth Nova Scotia Buried Chelsea
7/3/1859 Young, Jane  Female   45 y.  Inanition   Ireland      
1/5/1879 Young, Jennie  Female Single 18 y.  Phthisis Domestic VA Cagin & Ann VA  
2/14/1905 Young, John  Male Widower 59 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Mill Operative Ireland John & Margaret (Schollay) Young Ireland Buried Lawrence
5/11/1886 Young, John  Male Married 49 y.  Paralysis Blacksmith ME George & Hannah ME  
7/3/1903 Young, Katherine  Female Single 26 y.  Phthisis Housework VA Benjamin & Margaret VA "Colored, Buried Tewksbury"
12/8/1868 Young, Michael  Male Widower 47 y.  Phthisis   Ireland Unknown Ireland  
11/24/1904 Young, Nellie  Female Widow 42 y.  Phthisis Waitress Nova Scotia Duncan & Margaret (McGregor) Pushia Nova Scotia Buried Boston
12/1/1860 Young, Robert  Male   44 y.  Phthisis Laborer Ireland      
7/22/1874 Young, Sarah E.  Female Single 25 y.  Phthisis Domestic "New Bedford, MA" Unknown Unknown Colored
1/3/1890 Young, Timothy  Male Widower 65 y.  Paralysis Carpenter Nova Scotia David & Sarah Nova Scotia  
3/15/1861 Young, William H Male   16 d. Infantile Debility   Tewksbury      
7/13/1905 Youngirman, Adam  Male Single 59 y.  Cancer of Stomach Cook Germany Henry & Louisa Germany Buried Tewksbury
9/10/1864 Youre, Mary  Female   35 y.  Inanition   Unknown      
11/23/1900 Yuen, Wong  Male Married 28 y.  Phthisis Laundry China Unknown China Buried Boston
8/26/1902 Yuet, Moy Tong  Male Married 40 y.  Phthisis Laundry China Moy & Unknown China Buried Boston
1/2/1888 Yung, Un  Male Single 45 y.  Phthisis Laundry China Unknown China Yellow
8/9/1904 Yurn, Goon Hong  Male Single 30 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Laundry China Goon & Unknown China Buried Boston
5/11/1902 Yusem, Falek  Male Married 32 y.  Phthisis Tailor Russia Julius & Unknown Russia Buried Maplewood
12/2/1904 Zaccro, Frank  Male Married 58 y.  Mitral Insufficiency Laborer Italy Gaetino & Seraphina Italy Buried Malden
12/25/1904 Zaine, Michael  Male Widower 59 y.  Diabetes Mellitus Coachman Ireland Edward & Margaret (Flemming) Zaine Ireland Buried Tewksbury
6/2/1905 Zamoitiz, Joseph  Male Single 19 y.  Hodgkins Disease None Russia Kazimes & Rosie Russia Buried Tewksbury
8/11/1904 Zaroogian, Hoohannes  Male Single 25 y.  Pulmonary Phthisis Mill Italy Masrob & Unknown Armenia Buried Lawrence
9/1/1898 Zeillen, Alexander  Male Single 1 y. 6 m.  Cholera Infantum   MA Rosa & Joseph Canada Buried Tewksbury
8/31/1898 Zeillen, Corina  Female Single 1 y. 6 m.  Cholera Infantum   MA Rosa & Joseph Canada Buried Tewksbury
8/31/1898 Zeillen, Homibas  Male Single 3 y.  Cholera Infantum   MA Rosa & Joseph Canada Buried Tewksbury
5/7/1902 Zeleski, Joseph  Male Widower 44 y.  Phthisis Laborer Poland Baore & Mary Ann Poland Buried Tewksbury
11/22/1895 Zimmerdahl, William  Male Married 49 y.  Cancer of Larynx Laborer Sweden Nils & Helena Zimmerdahl Sweden Buried Tewksbury
2/1/1900 Zimmerman, Charles R Male Single 43 y.  Phthisis Biaccope? Oper. NY John & Josphine Germany & NY Buried Tewksbury
4/17/1904 Zoagko, John  Male Single 26 y.  Tuberculous Penteritis Laborer Poland Kazinsier & Ludwica Poland Buried Tewksbury
9/14/1901 Zolondz, Mary A Female Single 24 y.  Aortic Regurgitation Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
4/17/1898 Zuskowski, Frank  Male Single 20 y.  Phthisis Laborer Poland Frank & Canaquida Russia Buried Tewksbury
11/17/1897 Zweres, Aggie  Female Married 26 y.  Phthisis Housework Poland Unknown Unknown Buried Tewksbury
3/18/1898 Zweres, Lizzie  Female Single 10 m.  Tuberculosis   "Lowell, MA" Aggie & Joseph Poland Buried Lowell

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